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HIT ME UP8 weeks to a whole new you.Read below how I can help you.

Our 8-week Get Lean & Tone effective challenge developed by most highly regarded fitness and health professionals.Consistently three times per 8-week, Voja Budrovac and a team member will introduce a new exercise that will help get you fit and burning fat.All in one 8-week effective challenge will be split in two different trainings, first 4 weeks start with advanced Cardio, next 4 weeks will for gain strength with lot of superb exercises in Gym.Our skills in helping a woman and man with fat loss and muscle gain are proven over 50+ times, and we bring all our past experience in selecting exercises for this 8-week transformation program.Voja Budrovac specializes in exercise, weight loss, muscle gain, and kickboxing.

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I'm here to renew your energy, transform your body and raise your potential.Every participant will have a discount for individual sessions when you are ready to upgrade your lifestyle be free to call me or register for your 12 weeks program.

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