My name is Voja Budrovac and I'm certified personal trainer.Over the last 10 years, I was upgrading my services through my training with champions of world in fitness, karate, MMA, kick box.I love to be challenged and I have the ability to work with highly demanding clients."Always belive in your self."I offer clients the best personal training including Kickbox, Fitness, awesome training at Home or Gym, Company sessions and Nutrition advice.In addition with unique skills, you will get everything for developing your body and stress relief.My privilege is that I was a former champion of Serbia and the best sportsman, I know from first hand how to push every client to get what he wants physically, emotionally, psychologically and how to keep feeling amazing and motivated after training.EFFECTIVE 12-week, 8-week, corporate programs for transforming you or your company stuff into the fit, strong, a healthy and motivated person you desire to be.To schedule your transformation assessment call or What's up.