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5 Perks of Hiring a Fitness Coach

5 Perks of Hiring a Fitness Coach


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By Voja Budrovac

There is a lot one can do for his or her health. It is never too late to turn to exercise and healthy diets in order to preserve the health and capability of your body. After all, not only is there a lot you can do, but you are the only one that can do it. We will, of course, mainly be talking about people that can help you through it. And still, with all of the various perks that a fitness coach has, you will still be the one doing the heavy lifting… literary. With that in mind, we will now present 5 ways in which a personal trainer can help you in your physical strivings. Why should you be hiring them and what do you get from them? That is exactly what we will explain here.

1. Fitness coach has the knowledge

So, what will be the first among the perks a personal fitness trainer Dubai will bring to you? Well, we will put their knowledge first. To anyone that has tried to go into intensive training before and failed to reach the results, you know exactly what we are talking about. Doing exercises without a proper instructor can be even less than ineffective. It can be harmful! In order to get the results you want from the exercises, you will need to be aware of the proper way of doing these exercises. This means that you will know how to do them technically right, with the muscles that are intended to do the most work.

Fitness coach practising their legs
You will need their know-how

It is not that rare that a person in a gym will be doing an exercise to the utter amusement (though extremely rarely mockery) of other patrons to the gym. This is because, like many others, this person had the chance of only seeing this exercise being done online or on television. That way, the person never actually saw himself or herself do the exercise. Rather they merely imitated what they saw to the best of their ability, resulting in utterly ineffective exercises.

It can also happen that in a gym, someone will try the equipment with no knowledge of how that equipment works or for what it is intended. These kinds of mistakes occur because a beginner did not have the proper know-how order to do what they set out to accomplish. Hiring a personal fitness coach will help you avoid this scenario.

2. No size fits all

You have, no doubt, heard of the expression of “one size fits all”. Unfortunately, in fitness that does not hold water. There are no exercises or diets that will produce guaranteed results for everyone. There are, unfortunately, many manuals online that write things to this effect, but they are very much not correct. Simply put, there is no way you can have 100% replicable results, no matter what you do.

The only way to know what will work and what won’t is to have an in-house, gym, or online coach for weight loss and gain to help you find the exercises that are perfect for your body type and mindful of the goals you have set for yourself. A person who wants the buildup of body mass and a person who wants to lose weight will have to use different methods to achieve these. A personal fitness coach will help sort out what will work and what won’t.

3. They can motivate you

Furthermore, you will find that there is no better motivator than your own, personal fitness coach. The thing about workouts and living healthy is that it is definitely not easy. It is very hard to stick to the goals you set while you felt motivated. This is because motivation comes in a moment,  but to do fitness is something that you need to do consistently. In other words, you need discipline.

the person lifting weights with help
You should push yourself!

When no one is around, it is the discipline and habit that will be doing the work. However, to get there, you need someone to help you push through the urge to quit. When you are pondering not exercising just that one time after a long day at work, or you are hesitant to indulge post-injury workout, it will be your fitness coach who will help you through it.

4. Personal fitness coach will also help challenge you

There are a lot of fitness training mistakes to avoid, and a fitness coach will help you do just that. However, the mistake he will help you the most with will definitely be the one of setting the goals to low.

a person punching the bag
Take on the challenge!

Do not get satisfied with what you can do with ease. In order to get the results you need to push yourself, and if you do not do so you will never quite get to where you really want to be going. That does not mean that your coach will be pushing you over your limits. Far from it. He or she will only help you find where your real limitations lie.

5. General health

While, as we explained, a fitness coach is someone you can rely on more than just complementing your exercises, but also with help with motivation, post-workout or strained muscle exercises, etc., we still dint quite explain the range of their knowledge. There is a lot your coach can do for you. Here are just some of those.

  • Diet – Exercising is just one part of losing and gaining weight. Your fitness coach will help you figure out the perfect diet.
  • Recovery – Sometimes, you can get harmed and want to regain your strength. Coaches are great for a good, steady recovery.
  • Discipline – Good habits don’t show up out of thin air. It takes discipline for one to make ironclad habits that will push them further.

In summary

This has been our guide to what we think you should know about fitness coach benefits. Do you think these perks are worth it? Then you should start your workouts as soon as you find that perfect coach!

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