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Benefits of Dubai Fitness Challenge

Benefits of Dubai Fitness Challenge


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By Voja Budrovac


Dubai fitness challenge has started on October 18 and would last till November 16. This event’s goal is not restricted only to 30 days. It aims to build lifetime change in our lifestyle. While many of us have already pledged to carry out some physical activity every day, some
of us might be struggling to keep up. We believe knowing the exact benefits of these challenges might keep all of us motivated to follow it thoroughly.

So, here are the top benefits of participating in Dubai Fitness Challenge, by expert personal trainer at Fitness Trainers.

1. The best personal trainers

This challenge is a brilliant way to learn from the best trainers from Dubai and all across the world. Some of the world’s best nutritionists, weight loss and lean muscle specialists, bodybuilders are taking sessions. Fortunately, most of these sessions are free of cost as well. This is  one golden opportunity to enhance the fitness knowledge by following the world level coaches.

2. Dubai fitness challenge events

These 30×30 are filled with numerous kinds of workouts. By participating in different types of training, we learn the most and also are constantly engaged. These sessions are helpful to people with any fitness level – advanced or beginner. If you have just started your fitness journey, this might be a brilliant chance to pick your favorite activity.

3. The group activities

Working out in a group is the best way to keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic about workouts. Almost all the activities or fitness training during this period is group activity. You can work out with bunch of strangers who match with your energy level and find fitness companions. Else you can make a routine of working out with your family and friends. This helps you in sticking to your routine for much longer period.

4. Free training

Well who doesn’t enjoy some free goodies, and what can be a better gift than gift of fitness. This period is best for joining your favorite fitness clubs on great prices. Fitness Trainer offers personal training membership with great promotions for this period. It’s a great opportunity to opt for healthier lifestyle by hiring the best personal trainer and get into your dream shape.

5. Network and promotion

For most of us, this period is about challenging ourselves to do some form of workout every day. While getting in shape is the first benefit from this event, networking is another great bi-product of this. You can network with best fitness experts or personal trainers or nutritionists. Keep yourself aware of the various promotions by adding relevant groups in your DFC profile. Find the best trainers and companions in this great season.

There are unlimited benefits of Dubai Fitness Challenge, and we have mentioned here some of the big ones. We hope this motivates you and keeps you going to finish your challenge. Enjoy amazing promotions at Fitness Trainers to get the most out of this challenge.

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