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Best fitness routine tips for pregnant women

Best fitness routine tips for pregnant women


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By Voja Budrovac

One of the best things a woman can do while pregnant is to stay active. Pregnancy is a lot and can be a very tedious and overwhelming process. Still, if a woman knows how to handle it correctly, with the help of her physician, there is nothing to worry about. Although many people think working out during pregnancy is harmful, it’s actually a myth. It’s more than recommended that a woman stays active throughout her pregnancy to maintain the health of her child. That’s why finding the best fitness trainer online is what we’re here for. So, if you want to learn what are the best fitness routine tips for pregnant women, make sure to stay around long enough.

Lifetime fitness

To begin with, healthy body transformations occur when people exercise for a long time. There is not a single person who had a healthy transformation in one month and then maintained their perfect figure. Therefore, health and exercise go hand in hand. However, many people want the results here and now. That is actually not only a negative perspective of thinking but also the mind of a person who is not determined enough. Hence, if someone really wants to see the change, they must be ready to dedicate their time and effort to that goal. However, there are ways to get both healthy and fit in a shorter amount of time. 12-week body transformation Dubai is a program you will get attached to pretty quickly. It will not only boost your energy but confidence as well.

Woman doing plank
You could always do certain exercises.

Many people seize any opportunity they can to exercise – during harsh blizzards, under tropical and humid weather conditions, or in the pouring rain. Meanwhile, others just can’t seem to get their feet from one couch to the next. What’s important to emphasize is that it all comes from the mind. Hence, if your state of mind is at a certain frequency, nothing can affect it negatively. That’s why it’s not hard for those people to get up at 5 AM and go for a run while freezing. There are no excuses since there even are certain bad weather workout ideas for anyone to try.

Some of the best fitness routine tips for all body types

First of all, people need to know the difference and the importance of body type differences. You’ll probably see people doing the same exercise routine day after day in the gym but with no effect. That’s because most of them are missing the point since they’re not working out according to their body type. To ensure your workout pays off, you need to discover your body type. Afterward, it would be smart to consult with a fitness instructor to help you set your exercises to get the best results.

On the other hand, there are certain fitness routine tips for all body types. So it’s important to note that only certain exercises could be equally efficient for everyone. Here are some of them:

  • Plank – Many professional athletes dislike plank, let alone people who are just getting started with their workout. However, a plank is a great exercise for all body types and it affects your core muscles. It will strengthen your back and shoulder muscles as well as your abs. Consequently, it has positive effects on your health since it strengthens the muscles that hold the spine.
  • Squats – These are great for your quadriceps. They also help with endurance and increase flexibility in your hips and lower back. Also, they help you burn a lot of calories.
  • Burpees – If you want to lose weight and get in shape, burpees are made for you. Nevertheless, these could become overwhelming pretty quickly, so make sure you do it gradually.
  • Dumbbell rows – Besides being good for your joints and other muscles, these affect your upper body pretty well. Just make sure you start with the appropriate weight.

Pregnant women and gym time

As for pregnant women working out, it’s important to say that it’s safe. However, women need to be careful when working out since they already have a lot to take care of. There are many different yet safe exercises for pregnant women to do. Still, whether a woman already has experience working out, she should exercise carefully.

Pregnant woman holding dumbbells
You can exercise while pregnant, but be moderate.

Most of the times, the exercises that woman does are susceptible to adaptation. In that case, a pregnant woman still can lift weights but not the same as she used to before pregnancy. For example, she will reduce the number of weights she lifts.

The best fitness routine tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy is not an easy thing on its own. Therefore, women that decide they want to stay active throughout their pregnancy truly deserve awe. But, as already said, a pregnant woman shouldn’t allow herself to push it to the limit. She mustn’t forget that she is pregnant and that everything she does affects her baby as well. So, some exercises are suitable for pregnant women, and here they are:

  • Aerobic exercises – such as swimming, fast walking, cycling, and group training that involve music.
  • Strength training  – that involves lifting light dumbbell lifts.
  • Yoga – is always good for your health and your baby’s health
  • Pilates – to improve your flexibility and body posture.

You should combine all these exercises according to your doctor’s advice along with what your coach tells you. This is very important because you are working with a baby growing inside your belly. After you give birth, you could start with some postpartum exercise and workout which could help you get back in shape.

Woman folding a sportmat
If you work out while pregnant, be careful.

Safety comes first

After learning some special fitness routine tips for pregnant women, you’re ready to try it out. However, don’t do anything on your own because you might get hurt. That’s what professional trainers are for. Reach out to them for advice and plan your workout sessions with them. After quite some time of living in Dubai, you’ll get to see how easy it is to get back in shape with the right motivation.

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