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Best Personal Trainers in Dubai

Best Personal Trainers in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac

Are you looking for Personal Trainers in Dubai ? Time flys, so time is always NOW to get your body transformation. Trainers that you are looking for must have proper qualification and experience to help you achieve your goals. Fitness Trainers in Dubai are always ready to motivate, prepare customized workout plan and deploy you results. Here is the list of the best Personal Fitness Trainers in Dubai :

Top list of Personal Trainers in Dubai

Fitness Trainers in Dubai will help you achieve your desired fitness and health goals. Depending on the goals you are persuing, such as weight loss, muscle gain, boxing, toning, pre post natal, we are offering you the shortlist of the best personal trainers in Dubai.


Voja Budrovac (head coach)

Voja is a top Level 3 certified, at home Fitness Trainer and gym coach in Dubai. His specialities are Lean Body, Pre Post Natal, Muscle gain, Recovery and Boxing.

Voja’s background is from full contact where was a champion. A top male and female personal trainer in Dubai, Voja Budrovac provides his services as an owner and head coach under the Fitness Trainers LLC company, which have multiple partnerships with gyms in Dubai.

More about Voja >> Here

Instagram >> Here

Contact >> +971 58 564 546 3

Ayken Budrovac (pre/post natal and kids workout)

Coach Ayken at Fitness Trainers LLC is the best female personal trainers in Dubai. If you goal is to get ready for baby delivery and recovery from delivery Ayken is specialized for Pre/Post Natal and kids workout. She will help you to get stronger, tone and be motivated about your Fitness goals.

Coach Ayken speaks Russian and fluent English and offers personal fitness training with customized diet and workout plans. She is available for home and online fitness classes.

More about Ayken >> Here

Instagram >> link

Contact >> +971 58 564 546 3

Aset Sadikov

Coach Aset is certified personal trainer and gym coach at Fitness Trainers Dubai with over 5 years of experience in Weight loss, Muscle gain, Recovery and Boxing.

Aset is one of the most experienced and lovable personal trainers in Dubai with a specialisation in posture correction, weight control and muscle toning.

More about Aset >> Here

Instagram >> Here

Contact >> +971 58 564 546 3



The cost of services provided by our Personal trainers range depending on trainers experience and services they provide. The personal trainers from our team charge offer subscription packages for a number of sessions. Prices are for 10 sessions AED 3,000 and for 30 sessions AED 7,500.


How to choose Personal Trainer in Dubai

There are many online options to choose personal trainers in internet, you must keep in mind the your goals while deciding on the final candidate. You can choose our Personal Trainer from this link and schedule session. You can choose your preferred exercise routine. Our trainers provide wide range of services such as fitness, boxing, yoga or pre/post natal exercises.

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