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Dubai Fitness Challenge: Personal Trainers in Dubai

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Personal Trainers in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac

Dubai Fitness Challenge is every year celebration of fitness and longevity.

Sixth year of amazing experience, Dubai Fitness Challenge puts forward a simple goal: complete 30-45-60 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Fitness Trainer Dubai Team aim is to inspire everyone to create a fitness-focused mindset and seek healthy, active lifestyles. With a month-long calendar of free workouts, exciting fitness events and wellness entertainment, there’s plenty of inspiration to keep moving. Join Fitness Trainer Dubai event this year from 29 October to 27 November 2022.

Dubai Fitness Challenge

Whatever your fitness level, in Dubai you’re never far from an ideal workout. There are places all over the city where you can work out for free. From running routes to fitness classes, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Find Your 30 is our online resource that enables you to find a variety of workouts near your home or office. You’ll also find advice and inspiration on how to build your own daily routine.


Get ready for best group classes in Dubai

Take part in our Dubai Fitness Challenge

Here we will provide you with a range of activities you can enjoy throughout the year. Benefit from the convenience of access to fitness facilities and learn more about being active in this exciting city. Whether you want to work out in your neighborhood, at the community center, or on a popular running trail, Dubai Fitness Challenge has something for everyone. 

Incredible activities 

During the month-long festival, visitors and residents can enjoy a range of incredible activities 

Stay tuned for unique and exciting fitness activities and events in 2022. World-class coaches will provide in-depth tips and training to help you safely prepare for some exciting activities.


Join with Fitness Trainer Dubai Team

Dubai Fitness Challenge is the ultimate workout experience. During this month-long festival, visitors and residents can enjoy a range of incredible activities, from video workouts to landmark events around the city. With world-class coaches providing in-depth tips and training, you can safely prepare yourself for some exciting activities. Stay tuned to see more incredible things happening in 2022! Your best Personal Trainer at Home and Gym.


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