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How long does it actually take to transform your body?

How long does it actually take to transform your body?


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By Voja Budrovac

Getting in shape is usually the main goal of people who start working out. Whether it is alone or with a Fitness trainer in Dubai, usually, the main idea is to transform your body. You might be exercising for health reasons, for fun, or just cause you want to keep in shape – but making your body look nice is always an added bonus. However, a lot of people are disappointed by not seeing results immediately. They believe that they can reap the benefits after only a month or two of routines. The reality is, sadly, far from it. Even though there are many body transformation Dubai has to offer, you will need to stick to your workout routine longer to see some results. In this article, we take a look at how long it can actually take for this transformation to take place.

Set up clear goals

Coming up with a concise, precise answer to when you will see the change can be an ungrateful task. After all, one might ask what does it mean to get in shape. For some, it is building the six-pack they have always dreamed about. For others, it is having the bicep circumference meet some criteria. Depending on your goals, it will take different time to reach them.

a woman writing her body transformation Dubai goals
Think about your goals.

The first thing you want to figure out is the nature of your goals. For example, improving your running time is not the same as losing weight or getting stronger. And even with these, improving your time at a 5km race is not the same as improving your time running a marathon. All of these are different things, which require a different way of approach when striving towards them.

What’s important to note is that, before you even notice your body transformation Dubai happen, you will start feeling better. You might be able to climb stairs without running out of breath, or you will be able to run to catch your bus. This is because your body will start to build immunity through exercise before it starts showing signs of physical gain. And these changes are even more beneficial to you than the external ones. You will get a great boost in both confidence and motivation, which will serve you in other aspects of life too.

Of course, another thing tied to your goals is just how fit you already are. If you have never worked out in your life, then you should be able to transform your body in 12 weeks up to a moderate level. If you did lead a healthier lifestyle, then six to eight weeks should be enough to show some change.

What if you want to achieve a competitive-level body transformation Dubai

As we mentioned above, there are many reasons why people want to get fit. And one of these reasons is to compete in one of the many sports activities Dubai has to offer. Take for example any of the races. There are 5K and 10K races, along with marathons and half-marathons, as well as bike rides. Along with those, you will have a huge variety of obstacle races and triathlons to partake in if you so desire.

a marathon
Competitive races will require some more work.

And in order to compete, you will need to achieve a good body transformation. However, it’s important to know that you should not rush this. Sometimes, you might feel pressured to push yourself as much as you can – especially if the deadlines for applying for the races are drawing near. But doing so can only lead to injury and problems – some of which can push you out of the fitness world completely.

While it is true that you can get faster results with a personal trainer, we advise that you take it easy. It is much better to be under-prepared than over-prepared for a race. Give yourself more time than you might need – for example, three to four months for a longer race. Generally speaking, you should not have less than two months of training. However, any extra will be highly beneficial.

What’s more, mixing it up can help you too. For example, you do not always need to push yourself and run as fast as you can. Sometimes, even days of backpacking will serve to get you in shape. The same applies to kayaking or mountain biking – anything that works your running muscles. It can seem scary – but activities like these are perfect for beginners.

What to do while on a break

Another thing of huge importance is when to take breaks – and how to bounce back from them. You have probably heard these stories already. Athletes gain an injury, go on home-rest, and find it hard to get back into the sport they loved and excelled at. And even we, “regular people,” can find it very hard to come back after taking a break from our workout routines.

However, there is a way to bypass this if you need to take a break. It might seem like a cheat, but it requires you to continue to exercise – at least to some extend. Sometimes, you will be able to achieve the same results if you cut all your sessions to once a week but boost the intensity levels. Of course, all of this depends on your circumstances.

An injured Kermit
Injury can put a pause on your plans.

Busy schedules will usually mean you might be able to grab an hour or two of time to do at least some physical activity. You might walk to work, or take the stairs instead of using an elevator, for example. However, injuries do require significant modifications. The most important thing here is a safe exercise after an injury. Talk to us about modifying your routines. For example, a shoulder injury usually doesn’t stop you from working on your lower body and vice-versa. This way, you can keep your body transformation Dubai going, and you will be able to pick up strong after recovery.

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