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How to choose a Personal Trainer

How to choose a Personal Trainer


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By Voja Budrovac

When you choose to Hire a Personal Trainer that shouldn’t be about walking into a gym and accepting whoever is available at that moment. You are allowed to be picky about who you hire to train you. Why? Because it’s your money, body and health. We’re busting myths about how to find a good trainer and cover what questions you should ask before hiring one.

Personal Trainer choice ?

Clients usually choose the biggest, strongest or leanest people and they think they are the most qualified to give training advice. Sometimes they are, but not always. The idea is that your choice of  The Best Personal Trainer in Fitness must have a certain level in a sport background and Fitness. If Personal Fitness Trainer is not qualified to coach someone then you will probably have low quality informations and guidance to reach your Fitness goals.

Choose your Personal Trainer only if he is certified.

Also, the fit people achieve their results according to what they know, not because of it. They organize their week’s  and months around workouts and meal-preparation. This might make them a great resource, but it doesn’t mean they can write you an individualized training programme.

Judge Trainer by how his/her clients look

In a gym enviroment, absolutely not. The vast majority of clients are recreational exercisers who are after general fitness. If client works with the Personal Trainer once or twice a week, and then eats how they want and do nothing for the rest their time,  then you can’t blame the Fitness Trainer. Such gym goers tend to gauge their success by how they feel post-workout. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Choose the one who push you towards your goals ?

Many Personal Fitness Trainers think that you are wasting your time in the gym or with home workouts or with group workouts unless you are doing Personal Training with a specific focus on physique or performance goals. However, this ignores the numbers of proved physical activity and mental health benefits of getting regular exercise and strength training, which include:

  • Improved energy and sleep
  • Density enhacment of bone mass
  • Enhanced feeling of mood and wellbeing

What makes a good Personal Trainer ?

A Personal Trainer is not great because they know a variety of exercises or how to properly perform and coach them. Even if that is a part of the job, a professional needs to bring more to your Fitness goal, else there is nothing that separates them from an exercise enthusiast.

A Personal Trainer should be capable in the approach, organization and priorities of the exercises.

A great PT:

  • Must know what exercises not to do based on a client’s individual ability, physio framework and medical profile.
  • Must know how to design a training program to achieve specific adaptations.
The more information your provide to your Personal Trainer the better outcome you will get.

Thank you for reading this Blog post, for more info about how we work with clients please visit our Instagram page @fitnesstrainer.dxb by Fitness Trainer Dubai – Voja Budrovac.

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