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How to Return to Exercise After COVID-19

How to Return to Exercise After COVID-19


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By Voja Budrovac

Some events in our life make everything different. And hitting a world pandemic came like nothing in our lifetime. And it lasted for so much longer than we expected. In the matter effect, it is still not over. But somehow, we needed to adapt. Coming back to our old health habits after having Covid-19 can be so hard. And we are here to give you some ideas on how to return to exercise after COVID-19. The first piece of advice is to find a professional help near, so write in a search bar fitness trainer near me and look at those results.

How to return to exercise after Covid-19

Yes, it is tricky. Your whole body feels weak, you probably have a hard time to breathe and the idea of moving seems like a mission impossible. These are the time to look for some help. A certified fitness trainer will know when to push you and when to leave you to rest. It is just the best idea to start with someone experienced and proceed at the pace that feels fine for you.

When is the best workout?

If you want to return to exercise after Covid-19, you have to know that your pace should be light at the beginning. Start with two or three times a week and follow how you feel. The good thing is that you even trying, so don’t be hard on yourself. Respect your body’s abilities and give yourself some credit for even trying. When it comes to what is the best part of the day to work out, the theories are different. It can vary on your lifestyle and habits but have in mind that there are many benefits of working out in the morning.

Gradual return to exercise after Covid-19

You have to be patient. The virus still has many unexplained parts and you have to be careful. Remind yourself that you exercise to feel better, not to ruin your health. If you are looking for body transformation Dubai based, you have to know that it will take some time. No need to rush, just go slowly. You will maybe need some more time than before the Covid, but you will get there. And the meantime, you want to have a quality life, don’t you?

woman in the nature - return to exercise after Covid-19
Gradual return to exercise after Covid-19 is important.

Just move your body as a first step to return to exercise after Covid-19

You can do this in the comfort of your home. Moving a body is the first step. Maybe you needed to lay down for some time. And your body needs time to recover from it all. So the fact that you are able to move it is enough for the start. Do whatever feels good. Start easily with some warming up. Circle your ankles to give them back some attention and see how it feels. Stretch lightly. Follow that feeling inside and always focus on your breath. The breath will tell you if you are going too far.

woman doing yoga
Start with some light stretching.

Take a walk

When that little movement gets comfortable enough, try with a brief walk. Start by walking down the hall several times or around your home. If that feels right, take a  5, 10, or 15 minutes walk around your neighborhood. The intensity should be still very light. You will know that it is light if you can talk and walk without suffocating. The CDC gives a helpful description of Borg’s Rating of Perceived Exertion, and that will help you to measure your intensity.

At this stage, it is so important not to overdo it. And this will be challenging if you are a fitness fanatic or a runner for many years. Be aware that you will need time to come back to the pre-covid pace of activities. The intensity and length of your walks should be increased gradually. Every day and every week you’ll be preparing your body to return to the demands of vigorous training. But only if you go slowly.

Back to running

When walking starts to feel really easy, even for some longer time, you are maybe ready to lift up your pace. You can start with some jogging, swimming, biking or some activity like that. Start one of those activities with a really slow pace for 10 minutes. Then, increase it for one minute and get back to a slower pace for another 5 or 10 minutes. Repeat this. When you feel well enough to do this for at least 30 minutes, you will know that it is time for progress. Do not forget to stay safe and go slowly back into increasing an amount of intensity.

woman running
In time, you’ll be back to running.

Then, at some point, you will be ready for a higher intensity level. Your goal should be moderate intensity. Some parts of it can be hard, but not too hard. And then back to moderate or slow rhythm. You will breathe faster and deeper, but you should check if you can speak a full sentence without interrupting. And if you realize that this is not the case, just go a step slower. Remember that you are still in a recovery process and that taking a step back will save your health. And that is your goal for the long run.

Ready to return to exercise after Covid-19

If you are still reading this, you are really dedicated to getting back in shape. We do hope that all those information gave you a good start point. Be gentle to yourself at all times. Do not feel disappointed if that doesn’t go according to your plan. One step at a time should be enough. Lower your expectations. Do not forget to stay in a state of gratitude. Be grateful for the body you have, that you can even move, that you are ready to return to exercise after Covid-19. Understand that it is huge already and that you got a gift that many people in the world don’t have. You are indebted to take good care of your health. And nothing should stop that. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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