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Latest fitness trends for 2020

Latest fitness trends for 2020


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By Voja Budrovac


This is the beginning of the new decade and how much every industry has changed in past decade, it’s unbelievable. Fitness industry has never blossomed like this before. Now not only people are aware of fitness and health much more but are also ready to invest lot more in getting a healthy lifestyle. So, if you too are ready to invest your money, time and effort in getting healthier and happier then let us tell you what are the right things and activities where you should be focusing this year.

Every year something new and more exciting drops in fitness industry but not all survives because very few resonates with people. We are talking about equipment like wearable gears, different types of workout routines like Yoga, Zumba, Tabata, TRX etc, multiple types of diet plan etc. But how do you know which one are going to be most suitable for you and also the top seller for this year? Don’t worry, here are the top 4 fitness trends for year 2020.

1. Wearable gears

In past couple of years alone, wearable gears have taken many shapes and have become essential part of the life for most of us. The wearable gears not only provide key workout statistics but also are easy way of monitoring our heart rate, sitting time and what not. It’s almost a 100-billion-dollar industry at present and it only seems to be going higher.


We all face time crunch from a very early stage of our life these days. We want to accomplish so much more and also want to maintain our health. High intensity interval training is a perfect solution for this situation. It not only helps in getting into good shape, it improves your stamina. Best part of HIIT is maximum result in a very short span of time. Also, with HIIT you can also customize the level of intensity as per your caliber and requirements.

3. Personal Training

Fitness service industries are exponentially growing in UAE and are expected to reach AED 3 Billion in next 3 years. Voja Budrovac, CEO of Fitness Trainers, highlights how his company is trying to revolutionize personal training industry by making it accessible to a much bigger market and also providing the ultimate customization experience. Voja has clients from different age group, different financial group, nationalities etc. This year he plans to diversify the mix even further and help as many people as he can by providing right guidance.

4. Nutrition plans

How many new meal plan start-up businesses are you already aware of? Trust us, this year you will hear even more from them. With people getting super tied up with their jobs, staying healthy is even bigger a challenge. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to prepare healthy meals every day. So, if you too are the one struggling to reduce or maintain your weight or to gain muscle, better subscribe to a suitable meal plan option. With increasing competition, they have become really affordable and reachable.

Fitness Trainers provide amazing discounts to their clients or some healthy meal packages in Dubai.

We hope this motivates you to push yourself to become healthier and healthier this year and welcome this new decade with an amazing positive energy. Join Fitness Trainer for afree trial session and see the difference yourself!

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