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Online Training vs. Personal Training

Online Training vs. Personal Training


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By Voja Budrovac

We all need to exercise, and we all know that. Regular exercise makes us feel happier, it can improve our mood and reduce negative feelings and stress that occurs in our daily lives. It can also relieve feelings of depression that accumulate over time. Apart from that, regular exercise can also lift our energy levels, it is good for muscles and bones, it can help fight chronic diseases. As we have seen, the benefits are all-encompassing. But, there is always the question of which is better: online training vs. personal training.

On the other hand, sometimes it can be difficult to find a training strategy that works on your personal level, for you individually. Some people love to exercise in groups, some like to do it alone. There is also the question of what you prefer: exercising from your home or going to the gym. There is a lot of arguments in the debate of online training vs. personal training, and here are some of them outlined for you, so you can choose the type that is best suited to your needs.

Online training is flexible

When training online, you do not need to have a fixed schedule. This may come as a great advantage if you are a person that does not have a fixed 9-5 job and you cannot set aside a fixed hour for your exercise. You can always contact an online coach for weight loss and make a personalized schedule that you come back to when it is convenient for you and you have the time for it. It is important to remember that every day is not the same and you are not guilty of not having the time to go to the gym. However, you can always find the time to do your exercise at home when it is convenient.

Online training for when you are on the move

Another great thing about online training is its mobility aspect. You can do your exercise from wherever there is internet accessibility. In other words, you are not bound to a singular place which can pose a problem and lessen your chances of a good exercise if you are a person that is always on the move.

Online training vs. personal training
Online training is great if you are a person that hasn’t got the time to go to the gym, or if you are constantly on the move.

Finding a great online fitness coach is not a problem, so this can be a great solution if you are not the type of person that wants to go to a gym.

Easy accessibility of online training

The biggest point of online training is its easy accessibility. Even if you are not on the move you can always find a large amount of great online courses and trainers. So, if you are not keen on the gyms and trainers in your area, and you do not want to have to go a long way for your daily exercise, online training is a great idea.

The individual aspect of personal training

Nothing beats having a qualified and experienced professional offer you exercise advice based on the information of your personal fitness journey. When looking into a fitness instructor Dubai, think about your personal needs and what aspect of your daily exercise routine you want to enhance and elevate. There are a plethora of reasons that call for a more individual approach. This includes training for a marathon, improving your sporting game, and finding your personal fitness regime. If you are recovering from surgery, or you want to exercise during and after your pregnancy, expert advice based on your personal health history will surely come in handy.

Personal training has specific programming

Every person has different goals when it comes to their health and fitness journey. If two people take the same online program, they will most likely get different results. So, bear in mind that with personalised training you will be encouraged to try new things.  This includes workouts and movements that can help you get closer to your end results. This also means that you will have a greater variety of exercises in your training routine and schedule.

Help with the lack of motivation

It can be easy to skip a session or two when you are exercising solo. You can also cheat a set. Additionally, you are more likely to not do the exercise correctly if you are not working with a trained professional.

Personal training
A personal trainer is a great solution if you are dealing with a lack of motivation.

When you find yourself a private trainer in Dubai , they will keep you accountable and you will be supported to push your exercise regime to the next level. Another thing to keep in mind is that professional trainers are educated motivators. They will know how to help you when you are feeling discouraged to do your workout routine.

More inspiration and ideas

When you are exercising by yourself, you tend to fall into a predictable pattern of exercise. This will not be beneficial for your body, for your energy and spirit. This mistake regularly brings forth bad results. You feel down because your workout is boring, which leads to you not seeing the desired results. A personal trainer will surely bring a fresh and new perspective into your daily workout to challenge your body.

Find the strategy that is best for you

As we have seen, there are a plethora of exercise benefits. Having that in mind, it becomes extremely important to have an exercise routine custom built to your personal needs.

Fitness motivation
In the debate about online training vs. personal training, you need to think of your specific needs.

Be it by having an online coach or a personal trainer, is ultimately up to you. Find a strategy that works for you. It will show you the best results, so you can be the best version of yourself.

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