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Personal training after having a baby 

Personal training after having a baby 


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By Voja Budrovac

Pre/Post pregnancy is a blessed period of every woman’s life. The body changes to accommodate a growing baby. But we all agree that healthy pregnant women should keep being active on her own or Personal Trainer. Personal Training during pregnancy has more benefits than risks. No matter how much you train, your body will change during pregnancy, and changes in your exercise routine will be inevitable and good. 

When to start with pre/post pregnancy workout

During pregnancy all ladies should be perfect to start as earlier as possible, as later is going to be more challenging to carry baby and do the workout, that’s why you need to get prepared on time. While the earliest time to start training after a normal birth without complications is 6-weeks postpartum. More time is needed after a c-section depending on the case.


How to eat during pregnancy

Diet is very important for gaining muscle or reducing weight. Personal Training sessions in Dubai alone will not bring you desired goals. For this reason, your personal trainer will give you a meal plan for muscle gain that you need to follow. Women also need proper nutrition after birth to heal and breastfeed. Restrictive diets are not advisable for women who breastfeed or are recovering after a c-section or difficult birth.

Listen to your body

Start strength and endurance personal training after having a baby when you feel like you can. You should get permission from your doctor and consult with your personal trainer. Get as many benefits of training during pregnancy and after giving birth. Anyway, you should not feel pressured to get back into shape fast or right away after giving birth. You should listen to your body and train as much as you can. You now have a baby to care for and give a lot of love.

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