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Sharing a fitness instructor: is it a good idea?

Sharing a fitness instructor: is it a good idea?


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By Voja Budrovac

Without any doubt, exercising is important and has many benefits for our health. Not only that it can help us to get into shape and lose weight, but it has a positive impact on our mental health as well. If you start exercising you will improve your mood, get more energy and have a better sleep. Still, if you have never exercised before, probably you will need a little push to start. For that reason, it would be good to hire a personal trainer. Also, sharing a fitness instructor would be a great idea, since it has many benefits, especially for beginners.

Three people doing yoga with a yoga instructor
Sharing a fitness instructor is a good idea because you will have an extra push from other people as well

Whether you are someone who is regular in the gym or you have just decided to start working out, having a certified fitness trainer will help you reach your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will educate you, challenge you, support and motivate you, and most importantly, help you set realistic goals. Still, if you feel that you need an extra punch, exercising with one more person or in a small group can be a good idea. Here you can read all the benefits that you will have if you decide to share a fitness instructor.

Social benefits of exercising in small groups

The most important benefit that you will have from sharing a fitness instructor is the social one. Some studies have shown that people felt better after exercising with others because of interaction and socialization. Having other people to train with you will push you and motivate you to overcome all the challenges that you might encounter during the workout. Also, having people who have the same goals around you will make you closer to them. You may end up having a new friend with who you share the same interests.

Sharing a fitness instructor will save you money

Apart from the social, there is the financial benefit from sharing a fitness instructor. If you are on the budget, having a personal trainer can be costly. However, you shouldn’t let finances stop you from taking care of your health. If you share a personal trainer with somebody else your sessions will be cheaper. Also, you will be able to travel with other people to the sessions and that way you can save on transportation. So, open up the internet, type trainer near me, and find your fitness instructor. There are no excuses!

A person holding 100$ bills as sharing a fitness instructor will save you money
Having a personal trainer can be costly, but if you share a fitness instructor you will save money

You will work harder when somebody else is around

Working out in a small group is a good idea because you will work and exercise harder when somebody else is around you. Because of other people around you, likely, you will not give up on the first challenge. This will help you to push your limits and that way you will make faster progress towards your goal. For example, having other people around you with similar goals and similar fitness levels will help you increase the intensity of the exercises step by step.  Apart from supporting each other, it is also good to exercise with other people because that will bring out the competitive side of each of you and make you work harder.

Sharing a fitness instructor will get you highly motivated

There are a couple of things that are good motivations for a better workout, but nothing is as good as having more than one person to motivate and support you. Your personal trainer will indeed motivate you even if you are having sessions by yourself. However, having more people that struggle with the same things as you do around you will help you more to achieve your goals. It is good to build team spirit in these sessions as you will encourage each other and push each other when you feel that you are ready to give up.

Exercise with your friends

Sharing your fitness instructor with your friend is a great idea. There are many benefits that you will gain if you exercise with your friend. Some of the reasons why you should consider that are:

  • It is fun to exercise with your friend
  • You will be highly motivated
  • Both of you will be more consistent
  • You can help each other with exercises that are challenging for both of you
  • Both of you will support each other to go out of your comfort zone
Two friends giving high five to each other during workout
Sharing fitness instructor with your friend is a great idea as you will support each other during the workout

These are just some of the reasons why you should exercise with your friend. Apart from helping each other during the workout, you will talk with your friend outside of workout sessions. This will give you a chance to set realistic goals for both of you. Also, your fitness instructor will give you a diet plan and it is more likely to stick to it when you have somebody else to follow it with.

Share your progress with another person

Lastly, sharing a fitness instructor is a great idea because you will have somebody to share your progress with. Body transformation is a long process and it is good to go through this process with somebody by your side. To understand better how long does it take to see results on your body check body transformation Dubai. You will understand why it is important to share your goals and progress with somebody else. In case other people progress faster than you don’t lose motivation as we all progress at a different pace. Talk with these people as they can advise you how did they reach their goal faster.

There are both pros and cons of both individual and group training. However, if you have just decided to start exercising sharing a fitness instructor is a great idea. It has more benefits than downsides and it will push you to work harder.

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