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Top 10 tips to eat healthy and stay fit

Top 10 tips to eat healthy and stay fit


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By Voja Budrovac


Most of us have tried one diet or another at some point of time to lose weight. There are so many diet plans available in market today like Keto diet, intermittent fasting etc. These diet do work for some people but for how long can you go on dieting? Once you have achieved your target weight, what matters the most is how you continue eating healthy and develop a healthy lifestyle for yourself. The key to eating healthy is to eat right amount of calories that your body needs for your everyday activities. Anything over and above you take is what gives you that extra pound. So a healthy diet is a well measured diet where you are not depriving yourself of nutrition’s.

So here is top 10 tips from fitness trainer Dubai to help you watch your weight while keeping you strong and healthy.

1. Water

As basic as it sounds, water is the key to good health. Not only drinking water helps you reduce weight, it also protects you from various unwanted health issues. Drinking 3-4 liter of water everyday is a must for every diet plan. Also, drinking a glass of water before every meal can help you reduce your food intake portions. Keep yourself hydrated at all times by having water, green tea, black coffee etc throughout the day.

2. Plan your meal

Before you even start watching your diet, it’s important to get yourself measured and get right information on how much should be the right calorie intake for you. Do not skip this step and go
right away on any diet. To stay fit, you need a fix amount of calories. To succeed in your diet plan, it’s important you don’t over or undertake these calories. So get your right measurements and then work on a healthy balanced weekly diet plan. Having a fix diet plan will help you stay on track. You can make it a fun routine by adding new healthy recipes in your plan all the time!

3. No sugar

We all wait for the fancy dinner to end with a sweet little dessert. Fighting your sweet tooth can be a real obstacle on your way to lose weight. Try to completely remove white sugar from your diet plan. Eating sugar can also impose some health issues on longer run. Instead of going for products with added sugar, try having natural sugar. Fruits and milk have natural sugar in them which is not harmful for you. So say no to all the processed food with added sugar and go natural.

4. High fiber food

Instead of basing your meal on regular starchy carbohydrates, look for higher fiber alternatives. So instead of eating white rice, go for brown rice. Instead of regular pasta go for wholewheat or quinoa pasta. Also, make sure these starchy carbohydrates are only taking less than half of your plate. Eating carbohydrates in a controlled amount will not make you fat unless you top the carbohydrates with unhealthy dips on the sides like the creamy sauce, fries.

5. Eat healthy fat

Not all kind of fat is bad for you. You need to cut down on all the saturated fat and not unsaturated fat. What is saturated fat? a type of fat containing high proportion of fatty acid which can increase blood cholesterol and increase heart risks. These fats are mostly found in fatty cuts of meats, butter, cream, cake, cookies etc. Whereas some examples of healthy unsaturated fats are avocado, oily fish, vegetable oil or olive oil etc. So chose the type of fat youare consuming very carefully.

6. Cook by yourself

One brilliant and economical way of staying healthy is to cook at home more often. Not only it will save the bucks you would have spent in fancy restaurants but will also keep your diet on track. Create a diet plan for every week and do shopping for it accordingly. When you cook by yourself, you use the healthy and fresh ingredients like olive oil, lesser salt, reduced fat spread etc instead of unhealthy choices. It can get hard to always prepare your meal if you have really hectic life. However, you can also plan in advance and try to cook once for multiple servings.

7. Healthy snacks

If you haven’t planned any snacks in your diet plan, it is very likely you will break down and end up having a little cheat snack. There are lots of healthier options to be included in your everyday diet plan which will not only help you with your food cravings but will also complete your nutrition’s. So when you feel like munching something in between your meals, go for some unprocessed nuts, fruits, sweet potato toast, black coffee, rye bread toast etc for your snacks instead of a muffin or sugary drink.

8. Increase protein

Every fit person you might have taken advice from on your diet, would have told you the importance of protein in your meal. While being on a healthy diet you would want to reduce extra weight but not to lose the muscle weight. Ensure lots of protein in your diet as it helps you maintain your muscles. Proteins are also essential for your heart health so ensure some oily fish in your meal.

9. Take supplements

The worst fear of every person planning a diet is the fear of missing out on any nutrition family. Vitamins and minerals are also equally essential as protein or fat in our meal. Taking right supplements like omega-3, multivitamins, calcium can be really beneficial for your diet plan. We can get most of our nutrients from natural sources but it might get difficult to ensure presence of all type of vitamins, proteins, minerals in our diet at all time.

10. Smaller plate

Lastly, if you wish to lose weight it is important you cut down on the portions you are used to of eating. Psychologically it is proven that if you start using smaller plates then despite eating smaller portions, you feel full. So you see, losing weight can be as simple as changing the plate.

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy diet and active life. Eat well and so some workout everyday to not only burn the calories but to refresh yourself physically and mentally. Join Fitness Trainer Dubai and get personalized diet plan along with the best personal training’s in Dubai.

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