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Top 5 tips to master Push-up

Top 5 tips to master Push-up


| Fitness Health |

By Voja Budrovac


Whether you hit the gym every day or not, you have heard of push-up and is familiar with it. There has to be a reason for this one exercise to gain so much popularity. Few key reasons are that it an effective workout for entire upper body, has multiple variations available for every difficulty level and requires no equipment either.

However, Push-up and Squat despite being widely famous and an easy to understand exercise, most of us don’t know the correct body form to be followed for the workout. Many struggle with the correct posture of hips or shoulders during the workout. So here are the top 5 tips from personal training experts at Fitness trainers, Dubai.

1. Aligned neck and spine

You can easily suffer from a neck injury if you position your head wrong while doing push-up. So instead of looking up straight or ducking your head, keep your neck in neutral position at all times. Your body should be in a straight line from head to toe for a proper form for push-ups. It is a very simple yet important thing to follow during workout. Just focus on practicing the correct body form before you actually start doing push-up.

2. Breathing

Correct breathing is essential not only for push-up but for every workout. By correct breathing, the difficulty level of workout goes down a bit. Also by proper breathing you can push yourself harder and increase your reps without running out of breath. So when you are going lower, breath in and then exhale when you push yourself back up. Correct breathing might not come naturally to everyone so practice and patience are the keys to success here.

3. Tighten your core

Having a tight core while doing push-up is essential to complete the correct posture. This helps you from rounding your spine and gives you a better posture. So you need to tuck in your stomach while keeping your back straight. By flexing your core you make push up a full body workout and burn bonus fat from abs too with push-ups. We at fitness trainers, ensure that you start with lesser reps maybe but do every push-up with the best body form and gain maximum benefits.

4. Speed

It is very important to do the workout at lower speed when you have just started to learn how to do push-up. Take couple of seconds to lower down and a second to push yourself back up. At the beginning of learning curve, it is not important to do 60 push-ups in 2 minutes. It is more important to learn how to do it the right way, as doing fast push-ups with incorrect breathing or body form can actually cause injuries or maybe go impact less. So enjoy the process of workout and feel the muscles working and enjoy the pain to achieve the bigger picture.

5. Variations

Our personal trainers have trained people of older age, kids, people with leg injury, pre/post pregnancy women. And everyone has been able to perform push-up without any injury. How we do it? That’s because there are different variations of push-ups available for each and everyone. You can always modify the workout to begin from lower intensity and increase it as per your will.

So we hope now you not only know about push-up but can master doing it as well. This is indeed a wonderful full body workout with high impact in less time. Get in touch with Dubai’s best personal trainers Fitness Trainers and push up your fitness level!

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