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Top 6 ways to stay fit after 40

Top 6 ways to stay fit after 40


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By Voja Budrovac


Consider case when you were busy all your 20s and 30s trying to establish a good career and family for yourself. Now you realize you can finally manage sometime in your busy life and want to focus on your body to stay enjoy your life better. Good news is, it’s never too late to start working out!

Another case is you have been taking care of your body till now but now you suddenly see your fitness level is still going down. Fitness experts say that post 30 we start losing muscle mass so the usual workout which kept you going so far, needs to be adjusted.

Here are the top 6 tips from Fitness Trainers Dubai, the best personal training team, to stay fit and healthy even after 40.

1. Disciplined workout

To make sure you don’t lose body muscle it’s very important to be consistent with your workouts and follow your workout plans with full discipline. Commit to the exercise chart given by your personal trainers and go for it without any excuse.

2. Healthy Diet

Nothing will be more crucial than following a well-balanced diet. Voja Budrovac leads Fitness Trainers organization, recommends having equal focus on the diet plans and workouts. So just get your measurements and find yourself a suitable diet plan. Stick to the plan and rest will follow.

3. Flexibility

It is highly common to start having issues with flexibility post age of 30. In fact with current sitting job scenarios, people start facing neck and back issues at really young age. So make sure you do regular stretches and flexibility workouts. It is important to consult the best fitness experts to make sure you don’t face any injuries and get maximum benefits.

4. Regular health check-ups

To ensure a healthy body and mind, do ensure a regular check-up with your doctor. Take supplements post doctor’s approval. After certain age you might need to take supplements for multivitamins, calcium etc. Another important thing is to never ignore any consistent pain in your body and consult the doctor immediately.

5. Rest

To ensure muscle gain, giving proper rest is essential for everyone. Don’t over exert yourself by doing heavy workout every day of the week. Give your body enough time to recover and also focus on treating yourself. During rest day you can chose to do few stretches or go for a good massage, your choice!

6. Stay positive

To stay motivated might be the toughest part of the entire journey. With growing age it might get harder to push yourself and stay positive about the ongoing body changes. But with good workout, healthy diet and a positive attitude, it will all come together. Don’t get stressed out by comparing yourself with others or even you younger self. Being positive and motivated will help you get the best shape and energy.

Growing up is never easy but with proper focus and care, you can be at your best fitness and health level at any age. So chin up and escalate your fitness level by getting in touch with our best personal trainers!

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