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Track your fitness progress

Track your fitness progress


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By Voja Budrovac

With the Fitness Trainer in Dubai, we’re encouraging you to join in the Lean body, Pre/Post Natal & Boxing classes along with our partners gym, online or at your doorstep. While this is a tam initiative to grow better together, you’ve got to monitor your change for yourself on our Fitness app and dedicate to making health choices beyond the programme. Find a Fitness Trainer that you can stay consistent with in the long-term and use these tips to chart your results and hit your targets.

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Write your Fitness plan

Write your plans, don’t just visualise your fitness path, write in a notes that you can design for health. Putting on paper or digitally really doesn’t matter, have your notes beside you always, this can give you a realistic plan of where you’re at and all you need to do to get to where you want to be.

This leads you to shift through your thinking, real goals and better actualise them. Write your thoughts about how you feel and why you want to make things better. Aside from creating daily todo list, be sure to note your activities and performance at the end of each day.

Use resources

There’s no shortage of ways and apps to get you workout and motivated to stay on the course. If you go to the gym, try working with a personal trainer to evaluate your body measurements and follow Coaches guidelines to improve your Fitness.

Fitness devices are useful, wearables can also track your sleep and daily fitness activity, sending you reminders and suggestions to absorb better habits. Don’t miss on all that’s available to you for free during the Lean Body, Pre/Post Natal or boxing classes in Dubai.

Have your measurements often

If you are serious about lifting up physically and optimising your overall lifestyle quality in Dubai or while Traveling? If yes, you shall start by getting the professional weight scale. Scale will make you overall body measurement of your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, vmi etc. Measure your hips, biceps and thighs to get a sense of your body composition. You can use basic online calculator for body mass index (BMI).

Schedule an appointment at our Fitness centre in Al Quoz or Dubai Marina to get your evaluation from Fitness Trainer for fitness before you begin daily workouts. When you start, you should make daily or weekly measurments at your home, to stay on track with progress. Allowing you to see your body transformation, these measurements help you gradually to reassess your exercise capacity based on your changing results. Bonus body transformation, take a photograph when you pending on your Fitness journey and follow up with a new pic every month to see the difference.

Make digital library

Organization of your thoughts is everything. Unleash the power of your phone, google and laptop to enhance your growth. Have conistent folders for healthy recipes and workouts you want to try, bookmark inspiring and transformational pages and stories from related websites, social media profiles and consider fitness-focused newsletters to keep you on your mission. Have everything that can help you reach higher and save it.


Fitness journey to results is your own, that path the road ahead is much smoother if you have the right people to support you. Get a coach, your true motivation compagnion or fitness friend-spotter to keep you on track to your goals. Upload your results with them and enjoy.

Always be aim for progress not perfection. The only person you should compare yourself with is your past yourself, so stay on the path of becoming fit and healthy. Start now, add these habits to your routine and keep growing towards your Fitness lifestyle.


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