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    Diet Plans

    30% Workout - 70% Diet: Make the most out of your training using our diet plans. Fitness Trainer Dubai provides you with suitable diet plans for every goal, whether it is weight loss or muscle gain - and every diet, be it non-vegetarian, vegetarian, keto, etc.

    Individual Training

    Weight loss, muscle building, body toning training.

    Take the first step, book a trial session, and let a certified fitness coach in Dubai with over 13 years of experience help you achieve your workout goals. My online personal training includes a wide variety of workout programs.

    Boxing & Karate

    Don’t just burn calories, create a lifestyle!

    Learn the ageless martial arts techniques and uplift your fitness to a new level. Our certified individual fitness instructor will help you improve your techniques and offer a great physical and stress-buster workout.

    Victory Stories

    He pushes my limits each time I feel toned, energetic & confident

    - FIZA

    I’ve lost 20kg in 75 days. High-intensity workouts and hard work pays off.

    - FAISAL

    With Voja’s diet plan and workouts, I’ve lost 4kg in first 2 week.

    - VATSAL

    I love our training sessions - they're effective and I never get bored.




    We discuss your goal and preferred timing.

    Fitness trainer makes customized diet and workout plan just for you.

    Start your fitness journey with a trial session.



    Workout routine you can accomplish in one hour.

    Flexible time and days according to your lifestyle.

    Around-the-clock support you need.



    Regular updates about workout details.

    Monitoring progress.

    Consistency is the key.

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