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I offer clients the best personal training including Kick-box, Fitness, awesome training at Home or Gym. My privilege is that I was a former champion of Serbia and the best sportsman, I know from first hand how to push every client to get what he wants physically, emotionally, psychologically.

EFFECTIVE 12-week8-weekcorporate programs for transforming you or your company stuff into the fit, strong, a healthy and motivated person you desire to be.To schedule your transformation assessment call or What’s up.

I provide step by step gradually strength training in which every person develops strength efficiently.

Every training contains High intensity exercises, so all people can benefit in short period of time.

Benefiting from my 5 years experience in providing Couple or Group training, I give you maximum benefit working out in a group and push each other.

Following 50+ successful programs in Weight Loss, I have put together 8-week and 12-week programs specifically for ensured 100% results.

During my Karate training and championships, I have trained with world champions and developed effective strategies which have proven successful for my students to emerge as champions.

I have found boxing to be the best workout for stress relief and elevating fitness to another level. I have encouraged people of all age group to learn and enjoy it.

Pre/postnatal classes are an all-body training specifically designed for the pregnant women and new mum’s. Very different and it is a mixture of low to moderate resistance exercise and low impact cardio exercise.

Regular exercise have huge benefit on improving stamina, muscle strength and motion, this may really help with some forms of disability. When we exercise, the brain releases endorphins that delivers a feel-good high.

Fitness lifestyle interventions can improve insulin sensitivity and blood lipid profiles to help lower high blood sugar levels.

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