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How to get beach body in 2 weeks

How to get beach body in 2 weeks


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By Voja Budrovac


Dubai is a brilliant place where during winters you can enjoy soothing sun during the day and cool breeze at night. Maximum number of tourists come to Dubai between November to February and enjoy at the amazing beaches. You’ll find beaches to be really lively and busy during the days of winter season.

Now, we know you want to go out at the beach and enjoy the sea with confidence in your new swim wear. So, if you want to get the toned beach body, just in time, to maybe impress your friends or to enjoy at beach with confidence, this article is for you. The founder of Fitness Trainers LLC, Voja Budrovac has been training people in Dubai for a long time now and here he shares some expert comments on how to get ready for beach in just 2 weeks!

1. Diet

Most important and fast way to look lean is by focusing on eating the right thing. Make sure you don’t eat too much carb or saturated fat. You must control your sweet tooth for a while and cut down on sugar completely. Focus more on getting more protein in you and also eat vegetables. Also, you need to remember that you have to not only eat right food, you must eat in right quantity as well. So, ask your personal trainer about how much should be your calorie deficit so that you can achieve your goal. At Fitness Trainers, we provide our clients amazing diet plans to help them get best results.


High intensity interval training aka HIIT is one of the best ways to burn calories, quickly. You’ll not only see faster results by these workouts, but you’ll also improve your stamina. You can do a quick 20-30 minutes HIIT every day and get in shape. Our personal trainers structure their training in a way that in that one hour you get your body warmed up and then perform some high intensity workouts and then finish with a good cardio before cooling down.

3. Personal Trainer

If you are really serious about getting that beach body in short period of time, then you would need a professional support to reach your goals. Having a personal trainer will not only get you a good physique in short time but will also ensure you reach there in a healthy and safe way. Our fitness coaches at Fitness Trainers will help you lose weight or tone your muscles while leading you to a healthier lifestyle, which will not only last for few months but
will stay forever with you.

4. Water retention

Sometimes a fit and toned body can also look bloated due to heavy water retention. So just before you go to the beach, make sure you don’t consume too much water or watery food. Also, salt contains sodium which makes body retain more water. So, to reduce water retention you need to lower down your sodium intake as well. Having said that, you must drink enough water everyday as water is the most essential element for our body.

We hope these tips will help you achieve your goals. We are just one click away if you want to change your lifestyle for good!

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