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How to make exercising fun?

How to make exercising fun?


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By Voja Budrovac

You already know that exercising is good for you. Exercise reduces the risk factors of heart disease, may prevent certain types of cancer, reduces your risk of osteoporosis, slows down weight gain, prevents type 2 diabetes, makes you sleep better, and upgrades muscle and lung function. It lowers anxiety and puts off depression, too. Additionally, working out releases endorphins, making us feel at ease, research shows. In other words, working out feels good but despite all the good sides, it easily brings along, a love-hate relationship with exercise.  Are there ways do to make exercising fun? Of course, there are. An experienced personal fitness trainer suggests some ways to fight boredom and make exercising more enjoyable.

Make Exercising Fun – Turn It Into Play

Lower the importance. Who cares about the results. You are not preparing for the Olympics. You are exercising to stay fit and healthy, to feel good. Make it into a child play. Go around the gym explore all the gym equipment, don’t be too shy to try it out, see it from all angles. And the treadmills, how does the treadmill function, what happens when I set it up this way or that way? But always be careful and start slowly, step on the belt only after you determine that it’s moving at the speed that won’t break your neck, usually between 1 and 2 miles per hour. You fall into the routine in the gym as well and follow the same set of exercises till you get completely drained. Ask your fitness trainer to change the plan of your workouts often. Enjoy the movement, the action, the pleasant exhausting feeling the same you had after the child play.

gym after working hours
Change it up, try new things if your gym routine makes you bored

Pump Up The Volume

Music can improve performance and even make you think the strenuous activity is easier than it is.  The beat of your music can also affect how you synchronize your workout. The tempo of the music you listen to reflects the type of workout you’re doing. You can use a BPM (beat per minute) calculator to adjust the speeds to phases of the workout.   90 to 110 beats per minute is good for a warm-up and stretching while 110 to 120 beats per minute is good for strength and above 120 BPM is ok when you do Endurance, speed, and agility exercises.

Get Some Fresh Air

When you are out of Dubai and temperatures allow it you will naturally opt for a change of routine and head outside to exercise. Change your typical treadmill routine with an outside run and you will still burn 780 calories per hour. If you go outside for an hour of hiking, you will burn 530 calories, the same goes for an hour of snowshoeing 500. Nature is therapeutic, the smells, idyllic peaceful sceneries, the sounds around you are incredibly healing plus they make your exercise completely a different experience detached from the electronic world.

make exercising fun
Go outdoors, change the setting, nature is therapeutic

Set Your Goal And Visualize

Setting your goals is key to successful exercising and it also makes the process more fun! Goals are important because they give us a sense of direction and motivation. But to be more productive and make exercising even greater fun visualize your goal as already achieved. Set the right frequency as if you are setting the frequency on the vintage radio and see yourself and your body well-toned, fit, healthy, and active as a result of exercising. Don’t put any force in it, do it for fun, and results will come.

Find A Fitness Buddy

People were five times more likely to exercise if their romantic partner did, researchers found in a recent study. But you don’t need a significant other to help boost your exercise. Friends can help you power through the workout, too. We are social creatures which explains the continued success of group fitness and the growth of small group training. Birds of a feather flock together, which brings togetherness, cooperation, responsibility, and some healthy and friendly competition into the picture of fun exercising.

Change The Routine

When everything else fails, change it up and try new things. Why not schedule a game of badminton or tennis? Or try kayaking or rowing? Some dance lessons, perhaps?  Maybe you had enough of the gym, and you can’t get motivated at home. Why not try a yoga or Pilates class to relax at the same while exercising? There are so many good options to get moving and stay fit. Check what programs your nearest fitness center has to offer. Keep searching until you find what works for you, and not just one thing,  include various activities so you can often change them up.

a couple working out together
Parter with your significant one in the gym for better results

Go workout shopping. Wearing perfect clothing designed for exercising can also lead to having a more enjoyable experience. Workout clothing is specially designed to make you feel more comfortable since it is made from sweat-resistant materials made for gesture and movement. Perfectly stylish workout clothes can make you feel good about yourself, leading to more confidence and stamina in your exercising. This simple change can freshen up your exercising life greatly. Next, find the perfect light wearing shoes.  Each type of shoe supports your foot differently, so make sure you have the right shoe for the activity you picked up. Finally, go for some new microfiber towels, bottles, sunglasses, or other accessories. In case you want to beautify your workout experience, it’s good to know there is sweat-proof makeup too.

We hope our article and the simple ways to make exercising fun will spice up the routine. Remember one thing, sitting kills, doing exercise is always the best option to keep you healthy and fit. Action will make you, sitting and laying down will break you. It’s the law of nature. Action leads to progress and idleness to deterioration and degradation. Go out or work out,  release those endorphins, make yourself feel at ease.


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