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Top 7 tips to prevent injuries during workout

Top 7 tips to prevent injuries during workout


| Fitness Health |

By Voja Budrovac


It’s not uncommon to hear news of getting injured while working out or playing some sports. Often post or during workout we face minor injury which can create a pause on your regular workout routine for days. There are various reasons for the injuries ranging from
flexibility issues to lack of knowledge about equipment.

So here are the top 7 tips for Voja Budrovac, a leading experienced personal trainer in Dubai, to prevent unforeseen injuries while workouts.

1. Know the equipment

Most of the time people are unaware about use of equipment at gym and with half knowledge, you can cause serious injuries to yourself. It is crucial that before using any new machine, consult the gym instructor or your personal fitness trainer. Let them show you how to properly use it and then you can start your practice.

2. Proper warm up

We often don’t realize the importance of a good warm up before starting our workout. During warm up you prepare your body for heavy exercises. If you try working out without proper warm up, you might end up hurting or damaging your muscles. So don’t rush to the dumbbells yet and spend few more minutes of a guided warm up.

3. Flexibility

To prevent frequent minor injuries like back pain, neck pain etc, make sure you incorporate few flexibility exercises in your weekly workout routines. Ask your fitness guide or personal trainer to provide you proper flexibility exercises to deal with the pain areas.

4. Stay hydrated

During workout you will sweat a lot and lose a lot of water. Make sure you are taking enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. This will not only help with weight loss, it will keep you fresh and prevent dizziness during workout.

5. No rush

Don’t rush on the machines while working out in the gym. Take your time to adjust the machines as per your requirement and then start the workout. Also keep a good body posture while working out and maintain the workout at a good steady pace instead of rushing to finish the workout.

6. Cool down

We already spoke about warm up and it’s importance but keep in mind that cool down too is essential part of your workout. There’s a reason your trainer ensures a good warm up and cool down in every session. Many people face muscle pain for days due to lack of proper cool down post workout.

7. Body posture

Machines are not the only reason why people injure themselves during workouts. If you don’t maintain a good body posture during workouts, you can seriously injure yourself. Every exercise is designed in a certain way to focus on a particular body part.

If not followed properly, an exercise down wrong can cause unnecessary pressure at wrong body parts. This is why it is important to consult a fitness expert or personal trainer if you are starting to workout for first time.

We hope you’ll be able to follow these points while working out next time. We wish you a happy and safe workout. Get in touch with Fitness Trainer Dubai to start your fitness journey, the right way!

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