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Top 8 tips to Weight Loss

Top 8 tips to Weight Loss


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By Voja Budrovac


How do I lose weight? or Why am I not losing weight? many of us have questioned this to ourselves. Plethora of Diet and workout programs claim to deliver speedy results to weight loss. But let’s face it, weight loss is never easy and there is no magic trick to change that. However it also doesn’t need to be an excruciating process of stripping our diet of entire food group while trying some unhealthy diet plan.

Gear up for some real results with Fitness Trainer Dubai’s 8 week’s weight loss plan with 8 Diet and workout recommendations.

1. Drink Water

We have countless studies to tell how drinking water not only cures multiple health issues but also helps reduce weight. Drinking water helps you boos your metabolism and burn more calories. With some super simple checks like drinking around half ltr water before every meal and ensuring 3-4 ltr of water every day, you can see much faster weight loss results in really healthy way!

2. No to Sugar

How sugar cause weight gain is by spiking blood glucose level which if not burnt off, will be stores as fat. Hence cutting down on sugar is quite essential to lose that stubborn weight. Also, there are many other food options which claim to be healthy but are full of sweet stuff. For better results, only get foods without added sugar. Fitness Trainer Dubai also helps you put a healthy filter on your grocery list and protects you from sugary products.

3. Stick to meal plan with calorie count

Bringing discipline in food plan is a must and can be easily achieved by a weekly diet plan. Depending on your body weight and target weight, count your calorie intake per day and get a diet schedule. It needs to be ensured that only only the desired calorie intake is met but all the component levels are met too. Fitness apps like myfitnesspal can be useful in keeping track of your meals with required calorie information. You can also check out the customized diet plans provided by Fitness Trainer Dubai.

4. Eat protein, fat and vegetables

Increasing protein and right type of fat intake while cutting unwanted carb, is the key losing weight. Eating high protein food and fat can help you reduce your food craving and control daily calorie intake. Protein helps in boosting metabolism and helps lose weight faster while keeping your body healthy. Along with protein and fat, for a well balanced diet it’s essential to include as much vegetables as possible in your meal. They are not only full of nutrition but also are very low in calorie but full of fiber.

5. Set up a goal and keep track on progress

Setting a realistic yet challenging weight loss goal is the first step for this journey. Having a goal and timelines against it can actually motivate you and keep you going. Seeing how close you are to your target, you can easily avoid the cravings or distractions. Also to keep yourself on track it is advised to not only have a long term goal but also small milestones on the way to keep better track. Fitness Trainer Dubai highlights that it is important to monitor your progress by taking pictures of your body changes and also keeping a score on body measurements.

6. Get active

We have been talking diet and discipline advices till now but a healthy and more importantly a sustainable way to lose and maintain weight is by getting more physically active in everyday activities. Start doing some workout like running, aerobics, yoga, walking etc everyday. Doing workouts is an excellent way to burn calories and lose weights while gaining physical and mental health. Increase daily activities not just by adding workouts but also by taking care of small things like not sitting for too long, taking stairs instead of elevators. Surely you can find ways to incorporate more activities in your day to day things!

7. Lift more weights

We have always been told to focus specifically on cardio workouts only to lose weights. However, when we lose weight or we diet, we also have to face muscle loss and lower metabolism specially if we are focusing too much on diet. Resistance or Weights training are the best way to prevent this. If your goal is not only to lose weight but to get a toned body, best thing to do is to incorporate some resistance training in your schedule. Working out with weights at least 3 times per week can help keep your metabolism high and prevent the muscle loss.

8. Consistency

The most crucial recommendation for a perfect weight loss journey is – Consistency. As long as you are consistent in your efforts, you will see the results. It is important to follow the diet and workout plans thoroughly to achieve your targets. If you follow it with all your heart, not only you will achieve your goals but will also enable a lifelong healthy lifestyle for yourself.

So these are some important points to consider while trying to lose weight but keeping your body healthy. Always remember, starving your body for weight loss is not sustainable and create many health problems in longer run. A well monitored diet with some personalized workout program is the way to get the fit toned figure we all desire! If you would like to know more about personalized diet and workout plan, reach out to Fitness Trainer Dubai and start your journey to fitness today!

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