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Benefit of pre and post workout stretches

Benefit of pre and post workout stretches


| Fitness Health |

By Voja Budrovac


One of the key ways to identify a qualified personal trainer is not by his built but by his warm up and cool down techniques. The major risk incurred while working out is due to lack of proper warm up and stretching. Stretching helps your body get prepared for workout and post workout stretches help your body cool down. It also reduces the chances of having injuries and helps with the muscle soreness.

We at Fitness Trainers, ensure that every client gets proper warm up and cool down stretches before and after every workout. Every session has a specific set of stretches which help you prepare the specific body part. The head personal trainer, Voja tells us about some of the key warm up and cool down stretches he recommends to his clients. So, go ahead and read below the key stretches you can start using too!

Warm up

The first thing to do when you start a session is to start slow stretches from head to toe. Begin with neck rotations, shoulder stretch, arm stretch etc and end at ankle rotation. Make sure you do the rotations clockwise and anticlockwise both. This helps your body get prepared for the workout. Once you are done with the basic stretch, start with simple warm up exercises like jumping jacks, star  jump, light jog etc. These exercises warm your body while not pushing too much stress on them suddenly. Also, these workouts can easily be played around with lower to higher intensity.

Cool down

The best way to tell your body about being done with a workout is cool down stretches. While doing cool down the key is to focus on proper breathing technique. The best results can be achieved by ensuring a good 5-10 minutes stretching at end of every workout with your personal trainer. Our personal trainers are certified in providing specific stretches for each workout to help targeted muscles. A simple cool down routine can consist of slow arms, legs and back stretch with controlled breathing. There are certain advanced stretches which your personal trainer can assist you with and that will really help you from sore muscles.

There are numerous benefits of stretches pre and post workout and we must not skip it. Join us for a free trial session, choose here one of ours Personal Trainers and feel the difference yourself. So what are you waiting for, call us for a quality experience for free of cost!

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