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Find right fitness content on social media

Find right fitness content on social media


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By Voja Budrovac


Honestly, social media is a brilliant innovation for people to have exposure to massive information in all fields. Whether we workout or not, we all wish to have the perfect body shape. That means we all have our Facebook and Instagram feed filled with various fitness articles, tips and recommendations. While that mostly helps us feel motivated to workout and help us learn lots of new stuff, it also can have some negative results like injury due to workout without proper guidance, inferiority complex etc.

So how do we ensure that we successfully filter out the right content?

Voja Budrovac comes with over 13 years of experience in fitness industry and gives personal training to a variety of audience ranging from kids to elderly couples. He mentions that people from different age group and background, has very different understanding of social media and different capability of being able to use the correct content. As a personal trainer, he guides his clients to the right channels, articles etc. So, here are his top 4 tips to keep in mind before following fitness channels on social media.

1. Find your reality.

You will find all sorts of fitness experts on the social media and they all have varying fitness level. So, you must know your current fitness level and then also you must set a target fitness level you want to achieve. Keeping these points in mind you can easily filter out the
channels which are not suitable to your current physical conditions. Also, be extremely careful before trying any crazy workout if you have had any injuries in past.

2. Focus on process

You like a particular fitness expert and you start following their routines. Weeks pass by and you still see a massive difference between them and yourself. If you start comparing yourself with others, more often than not you will end up feeling lost and demotivated.
Better to always focus on your own progress by measuring how you have improved your
fitness and health.

3. Know the difference between real and fake

It’s extremely easy for anyone to claim to be a certified fitness expert on social media. So, in the pool of fitness channels online, it is hard to spot the quality ones. Before you start following or incorporating anything you learnt online, make sure you validate the channel. Do your own research as well. Consulting your personal trainer before trying out anything new is highly recommended.

4. Accept positivity

Don’t ever let this excessive information online make you feel low or negative about yourself. Remember to keep your focus on only yourself, and use social media as a channel to learn a few things and motivate yourself. Getting stuck in a comparison game is an absolute NO.

We hope that this will help you find the right content online, and you will learn safe and good tips. Fitness Trainers’ moto is to help people lead a healthier life and fitter body. Join us for a free trial session and see the difference yourself!

Get in touch with fitness trainer Dubai and let us guide you to your dream fitness level in this dreamy city.

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