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How to motivate yourself to workout

How to motivate yourself to workout


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By Voja Budrovac


Taking the first step on a new path is the hardest part of entire journey. Path to fitness is no different. The toughest part is to motivate yourself enough to drag yourself to gym and start workout. Almost all of us felt the same when we started working out. It’s only when we start seeing result, we feel energized enough to hit the gym.

So the question is how to keep yourself motivated to stay regular at workouts and how to get best results from these workouts. Voja Budrovac, head personal trainer at Fitness Trainers advise us on few tricks that we can use in case we find it hard to stick to workouts.

1. Step by step workout

If your body or mind is not making you feel like going for workout then push yourself enough to go to the gym and do very simple exercises. Maybe just put your favorite TV show on your phone and watch an episode while walking on treadmill. A simple walk for 30 minutes will keep you active and being consistent is the important point.

2. Go out

By going out we don’t suggest going out to eat or party as a substitute of workouts. Instead, go for an outdoor workout if you don’t feel like working out as such. Fresh air and new location will really elevate your mood and you’ll end up having an enjoyable and effective workout. You can grap your yoga mat and do a mix of strength workout and meditation.

3. Group workout

Working out alone can get a little dull at times. In case you don’t feel like working out due to boredom, then we would recommend that you give a call to your friend or neighbor. Create a group and go for a workout together. Working out in a group is really fun and you end up working out more while having fun. Couple workout or group workout is really getting popular for this very reason.

4. Workout routine

If you know what is your favorite workout routine, you can always lift up your mood by selecting the routine. Figure out if you love cardio or weights or Zumba or yoga etc and use your passion to fight your laziness.

5. Remember your fitness goal

Remembering your end goal will always motivate you keep going. Keep reminding yourself of the ultimate fitness goal. You can keep yourself motivated by simple tricks like following up lots of personal fitness advisers, nutritionists etc on your social media networks.

6. Get a Personal Trainer

Get a personal trainer. If you feel a serious lack of motivation and guidance then you must hire a personal trainer to set you on right track. Our personal trainers at Fitness Trainers help our clients stay fit by giving them perfect workouts as well as keep them motivated at all times. A personal trainer can be your perfect companion on your road to fitness.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and would use them on your lazy days. Book a free trial session with one of our personal trainers and find your passion for an active lifestyle in Dubai and UAE.

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