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Top 7 benefits of couples working out together

Top 7 benefits of couples working out together


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By Voja Budrovac


“Couples that train together, remain together”

These days on your instagram, facebook or youtube, you can see numerous posts with hashtag couplegoal #couplegoals. You mostly find a very attractive couple working out together beautifully. To some these videos or posts might be motivating while some can also get intimidated. However, whatever your take may be, we can’t ignore the tremendous benefits of group workouts. The purpose of this article is to help you understand benefits of couple or group workout.

Voja Budrovac, the head personal trainer at fitness trainer Dubai, takes various couples workout sessions as well as group sessions with 2 or 3 people. He highlights that the consistency and enthusiasm in these sessions is generally higher than usual. So here are the top 7 benefits of couple or group workouts, by workout coaches at fitness trainer Dubai.

1. Help you keep on track

Working out with someone who is close to you can help keep you consistent with workout. The other person is aware of your daily obstacles and different moods you might be in. By sharing a common goal, it will be easier to keep each other motivated and will help overcome minor obstacles in workouts, together.

2. Learn teamwork

It is very important for a couple to be a great team. In order to lead to a successful and happy life, having team spirit is a basic requirement. Personal trainers during couples workout sessions, ensure workouts which requires trust and team work spirit in the couple. Fitness instructors recommend couples workout because as a couple, people achieve much harder goals with ease.

3. Helps get you closer to each other

Despite dealing with different work objectives throughout the day, working out together would develop a shared goal between partners and that would help bring them together. Also on your road to healthy lifestyle, you both grow stronger together. As you both sweat and push each other to accomplish your goal, you also get much closer to each other.

4. More focused

Working out in presence of your partner can lift your mood as well as make you feel at ease. Various studies have proved that working out with a partner can push you to perform your best. The psychological impact of the presence of your partner is mostly positive on you and help you stay focused on workout.

5. Healthy competition

Healthy friendly competition can be the best way to reignite the spark between you and your partner. A small friendly challenge such as small race, plank challenge etc are fun challenges to remain playful with each other while try to push each other for betterment.

6. Spend quality time together

Unfortunately everyone is extremely busy in their life and generally both partners work separately the whole day. Luckily the one hour you spend together while working out with your fitness coach, you spend the best time with each other. Studies prove how workout releases endorphins and uplifts your mood. So even if you can’t spend too much time together, ensure to workout together to get a healthy and loving life.

7. Increase emotional bond strength

Workouts can be a good way to bond with each other. During workouts, partners motivate each other to push harder. Also partners communicate more as a partner in their action i.e. working out at same pace, mirroring each other in workouts, synchronizing the workouts etc. This wordless bond fine tunes your relationship and strengthens your emotional bond.

There are plenty more reasons to workout together and the top 7 we just discussed. So what are you waiting for? Join fitness trainer Dubai and trainer with one of the best and experienced personal trainers in dubai.

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