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How to build muscle : Top 10 tips

How to build muscle : Top 10 tips


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By Voja Budrovac


In order to build muscle you need to intake more calories than you can burn, since the remaining calories are used in muscle building. So building muscle is not only about lifting weights but has lot more to do with your diet choices, overall workout routines and lifestyle choices. This article by Fitness Trainer Dubai will help you make necessary changes in your diet and training’s.

Voja Budrovac is a Personal Trainer in Dubai and he suggests that there are certain factors which play important role in muscle building process. These factors are :

a. Gender also plays a significant role in the process of building muscle. Genetically men have advantage due to higher level of testosterone and high blood count. So gear up women, you have to work a little harder to get there!
b. To build muscle, you need to reduce the body fat percentage. Two major ways to reduce body fat is by cardio workouts like running, walking, cycling, cross-train, zumba and spinning; another important factor is diet.
c. Genetically few people are born with higher muscle fibers and hence more likely to develop muscle.

Some of these factors are beyond your control but worry not, will right training, diet plan and sometime with help of fitness instructor, you can achieve your goal. Here are the top 10 tips from professional fitness instructor to help you build muscle must faster while staying healthy.

1. Protein

Once you start doing strength training, you need more protein to build and maintain the muscle. Protein is needed in muscle repair, recovery as well as growth. Consult with a professional trainer as to how much protein intake is needed as per your age, height and weight. You can chose protein supplements as per your need but should also focus on natural food sources with high protein level. Red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, seeds etc are high protein sources.

2. Weight lifting

To build muscle, your fitness instructor should not only give you heavy weights to lift. You also need to train some of your muscles with lower weights but high reps. So a trainer will be able to guide you with combination of weight lifting exercises. Also it is critical to know as to how to increase the weights to challenge your muscles.

3. Training

Always remember, nothing worth having comes easy. So if you want to build those muscles, you need to train hard at least for 3 times per week. To being with you can start with 2 sessions per week and then increase number of sessions per week.

4. Recovery

While we have spoken about training hard for muscle growth, it is also vital that muscles are given proper rest and recovery time. Muscle growth happens between the workouts so give your muscle time to recover. Take a day or two off in a week and focus on your diet everyday by eating healthier, higher protein intake and having a well measured diet.

5. Body fat

If your goal is muscle gain, then do not get dishearten by your body weight not going down. To build muscle, you need to measure body fat and focus on getting body fat in control. To have muscle, men need to have body fat below 10% while women need body fat lesser than 20% to have muscle growth. So focus on reducing your body fat by following proper nutrition plan. You can consult a professional trainer to help you with body fat reduction plan.

6. Diet plan

Following a healthy diet plan is essential for building muscle. You need to follow a diet plan which provides your body enough protein and other nutrients. Also, it is important to keep eating at certain time interval to not to lose muscles. Reach out to a fitness guide to help you with a correct diet plan with measured nutrition’s, calories and time intervals. Fitness Trainer Dubai provides customized diet plan to all their clients and you can reach out to them for a demo diet plan.

7. Eating carbs

If you are training hard, your body needs a specific amount of carbohydrates too. Do not train intensively while depriving your body from any carb food product. If you want minimum impact of carb then try to consume a limited amount of carbohydrate post workout. Also include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your meal.

8. Healthy fat

While we are focused on reducing body fat to build muscle, we shouldn’t completely ignore fat. Make sure to balance your diet by eating healthy fats with your meals.

9. Compound exercises

Research suggests that compound or multi-joint exercises like squats, pull ups, bench press etc causes higher increase in testosterone and helps build muscle. So while you can grow muscle with many kinds of workout routine, compound exercises are always recommended by your fitness guides.

10. Set goals and track them

Even if you are doing the right exercises and are following the right diet plan, you will not be able to get optimal results unless you have set right goals. Make sure you have set realistic yet challenging goal for yourself and are constantly tracking it.

Building muscle is not an easy task and most of the times a personal trainer is needed to give right direction and to keep you motivated. Especially if you are preparing for body-building competitions like Dubai Muscle Show, it is recommended to hire a trainer. A big event like Dubai Muscle Show can be really stressful and a trainer can keep you on track while keeping you grounded and relaxed.
So start your journey now and consult a professional fitness guide at Fitness Trainer Dubai to help you with your goals.

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