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Top 10 habits for healthy lifestyle

Top 10 habits for healthy lifestyle


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By Voja Budrovac


An actual health cautious person would know that just doing workout is not enough to have a healthy life. For a healthy life you need to make healthy choices throughout the day, everyday. By creating a healthy lifestyle not only you ensure a fit and longer life for yourself, but also cultivate healthy habits in your children.
Creating a healthy lifestyle is not a complicated task in itself. All it requires is to get used to of some healthy habits. Professional fitness instructors often promote their clients to stay active and create healthy habits to stay fit as only workout is not sufficient.

So here are the top 10 tips by Fitness Trainer Dubai to help you stay fit and healthy despite your hectic life in metro city like Dubai.

1. Morning routine

It is very important to give the best kick start to you day. Do not get up in a hurry or all stressed out. Always ensure to have some ‘me-time’ early in the morning. Having a calm and relaxed morning will really help you stay focused and happy the entire day. Before you have your breakfast, have a cup of green tea with lemon and honey or drink apple cider vinegar. It helps with your weight loss and also prevents you from multiple health risks.

2. Meditation

There are countless benefits of meditation from physical to mental health. Try to incorporate meditation in your everyday activities. Even meditating for 15-20 minutes everyday will give you surprising results. There are multiple ways of meditation, like

  • Listening to meditation music and concentrating on a light
  • Lie down or sit straight with eyes closed and focus on your breathing
  • Listen to affirmations with your eyes closed and body relaxed

There are many more ways of meditation. You need to figure out what works for you the best and get started. Your future self will be extremely thankful of you for this 20 minute investment!

3. Walking

Walking is a great full body workout which is suited to all age. Irrespective of the hitting the gym or not, everyone needs to ensure that you walk for at least 35-45 minutes everyday. So try to seek opportunities in your daily tasks where you can fit walking into your habits.

4. Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can really have negative impact on your health. It can lead to heart health related issues, weight gain, poor health of children and bone health. Eating breakfast can provide you the recommended daily value of nutrients which are vital for good health. So make sure you don’t skip the first meal of the day. Having said that, also watch out what you put in your breakfast plate. Your first meal needs to be healthy and try to include as many unprocessed food items as possible.

5. Eat healthy

Your diet plays the most critical role in leading into a healthy life. Making healthy food habits requires lots of self control but once you are determined to stay fit and healthy, there can’t be distractions for you. Healthy eating habits involve ensuring your body gets all the nutrients and you watch your calories too. Smoking, drinking, any food with lots of saturated fat, refined sugar etc needs to be avoided for a long healthy life.

6. Workout

We all have excuse to not to workout on daily basis. We can blame our busy schedule or some health issues to be the reason to skip workout. But is it really impossible to find 30 minutes everyday to work on your own body? Find a time that suits you the best and get in the habit of working out without excuse. Best fitness coaches will always tell you to workout at any possible timing if you can’t stick to one fix schedule. Zumba, running, strength or resistance training, martial arts or cycling, you chose any workout and be consistent. Hiring a personal trainer can help you with motivation and guidance.

7. Nutrition

We have spoken about eating healthy and avoiding bad eating habits. It is vital that you get your correct measurements and find the right diet plan for yourself. A diet plan doesn’t necessarily means to eat only specific food or to starve yourself. You need to know how much quantity of each nutrients does your body need and make your food plan accordingly. Multivitamins and omega-3 are some common supplements which can be taken as well.

8. Sleep well

When you get good night sleep, you keep your body as well as your mind in a healthy state. Irregular sleeping habits can cause numerous health issues and bad mood throughout the day. Make sure to get 6-7 hours of sleep so your body has time to recover and your mind stays more focused. Countless studies have stressed on the fact that people with good sleeping habits have much successful and healthier life.

9. Water

Drinking enough water is essential and almost everyone is aware of this. Still many of us find excuses to not to remind ourselves of this fact everyday. You need to stay hydrated at all times. It will help you lose weight and will reduce risk of many health issues.

10. Stress less

Taking unnecessary stress can ruin all the other healthy habits you might be following. Despite doing everything right, if you chose to get stressed or think negative then you can not lead a healthy life. Find ways to keep your spirit lifted even in tough times. For some people motivational videos can lift their mood, to some positive affirmations are helpful. Believe more in yourself and lesser on smaller issues ahead of you.

Voja Budrovac, a personal fitness instructor with over 13 years of experience, highlights that he always believes in helping people build a healthy and longer life by not just having a good workout but also by changing their mindset. Stay positive and remove all bad habits or negative thoughts to lead a happy life.

Trainers at Fitness Trainer Dubai will not only help you stay in good shape but will also motivate you to be a better version of yourself.

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