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Top 10 reasons to leave your comfort zone and workout

Top 10 reasons to leave your comfort zone and workout


| Fitness Health |

By Voja Budrovac


“Life always begins with one step outside your comfort zone.”
How do we define comfort zone? it is a psychological state where one feels safe with no anxiety or stress. It can also be defined as the neutral state of mind which is both natural and human. As human, in neutral state our brain is lazy and tries to chose the easiest path. In order to grow, you have to push beyond your comfort zone and enter the learning zone.

When you push yourself to next stage in fitness, you learn new things and the pain you feel is the signal of learning.

Now we know why naturally we get static in our comfort zone, let’s see top 10 reasons why we must leave our comfort zone for our better health, by expert health coach at Fitness Trainer Dubai.

1. Improve health by weight loss

According to World Health Organization, 30% of world’s population is obese or overweight. In UAE the numbers are even more alarming as the current percentage has risen up to 37%. We are all aware of health risks associated with obesity. That’s why it’s of utmost  importance to leave your comfort zone now and chose a fitness routine of your liking.

2. Mental well-being

Working out not only helps you with weight loss and physical fitness, it also improves your mental well-being. Studies reveal that working out 45 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week can really protect you from mental illness. When we workout, our body produces endorphin hormones to minimize the discomfort of exercise. This hormone also helps in fighting stress and hence lifts up your mood.

3. Develop good eating healthy habits

A poor eating habit can cause stress, weariness, poor work quality as well as serious health issues on long run. So we all know how crucial it is to develop healthy eating habits for a long healthy life. Only workout is not going to be sufficient for a healthy life, however working out certainly induces better eating habits in one’s life. People who work out regularly are much more cautious about what they eat as compared to people stuck in their comfort zone.

4. Improved physical strength

Even though it is obvious to most of us that working out will lead to improved physical strength, I’ll still quote it here to show how big a benefit it is. Being physically stronger is not only about looking good but it also gives confidence and sense of independence.

5. Motivation

Being stuck in comfort zone also indicates the lack of motivational forces around you. Once you leave your comfort zone and push yourself to become a fitter version of yourself, you’ll start feeling much more motivated towards life in general and also in every activity you include in.

6. Reduce heart disease risk

Multiple studies have revealed that the threshold for cardio vascular disease is 65 years across the globe where as in UAE its at age of 45 years. It is a very troubling figure as we are now exposed to this deadly disease at much younger age. The major reason behind it is also the latest lifestyle of comfort zone. So move yourself right now and chose some workout form like dancing, running, martial arts etc and protect your heart.

7. Look good

Well I don’t need to mention it but let me still rephrase it- working out will help you develop physically as well as mentally while helping you look amazing. People who workout are much healthier and happier, which reflects on their face at all time.

8. Happier version of yourself

As mentioned above, biologically working out can lift your mood and offer mental peace to you. Regular involvement in fitness will lead to a much happier life. Your brain can become lazy and cause negativity if you are stuck in the same comfort zone of unhealthy routines.

9. Become a role model

When you are a happy person, you spread happiness around you. Being fit gives you more confidence and motivation in life which you then spread across everyone else you meet in life. So why stay in a shell of comfort zone when you have a chance to become an inspiration to everyone. It all is a matter of taking one step outside your comfort zone.

10. Live long healthy life

Lastly, the most important reason to leave your comfort zone and start working out now, is for your loved ones. You want to enjoy your long healthy life with your family and friends. Only way to get maximum of this life is by being fit enough to enjoy every moment of it.

UAE is passionately pushing it’s citizens to follow fitness by conducting events like Dubai 30X30 Fitness Challenge etc. So what are you waiting for, join the best personal instructors in Dubai at Fitness Trainer Dubai.

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