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Top 7 tips to improve bone health

Top 7 tips to improve bone health


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By Voja Budrovac


By the age of 30, our bones have already reached at the peak of bone mass. That means after certain age we are very likely to start having bone health issues sooner or later if we don’t take enough precautions. Firstly, we have to ensure that we follow healthy and necessary lifestyle to create a healthy bone mass and then we have to maintain the density as we age.

Various bone health issues like Osteoporosis have become a big challenge in UAE and doctors say that lack of awareness about bone health is the biggest reason for it. It is so because we can develop and maintain healthy bones by making simple healthy changes in lifestyle. So here are the top 7 recommendations from the best personal trainers in Dubai at Fitness Trainers.

1. Eat protein

50% of bones are made of protein so it is essential to have a protein balanced diet. Having too low or too high amount of protein everyday can impact our bones poorly. So it is recommended to get right measurements done and ask your dietitian for the right amount of protein intake.

2. Eat vegetables

Eating vegetables is the best way to get most of vitamins and minerals needed for higher bone density. Including lots of vegetables in daily meal is highly essential from an early age itself. Adding green and yellow vegetables especially helps develop higher bone mineralization since childhood and helps us maintain it with age.

3. Weight training

Although diet plays a big role in improving bone health, there are certain fitness routines which can help us increase our bone density. Weight or strength training and high intensity interval training are helpful in formation of new bones. Also not only weight exercises help bone formation but also prevents bone loss as we age. So now we have more reasons to fall for weight training as in prevents bone and improves muscle mass.

4. High calcium, magnesium, zinc

Calcium is one of the most important mineral for bone health. Along with calcium, magnesium and zinc too are quite essential to maintain our bones. Since calcium is one of the major component of bone and we know that as we age bone cells are constantly breaking and being replaced by new ones. So to ensure proper formation of new bones, we must include all these minerals in our diet.

5. Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and regular drinking has numerous bad impacts on our health. Most of us are already aware of well-known side-effects of smoking on our lungs and drinking on our liver. Along with that, smoking and regular drinking cause extra bone loss. If you are a smoker then chances of improving your bone health are low despite taking medications.

6. Maintain healthy weight

To be able to maintain a good bone health, we must watch our body weight and must maintain a normal BMI. Being under or over weight can cause disruption in bone formations. So now we know that maintaining weight does not only make us look good but strengthens our bones too.

7. Vitamin D, vitamin K

Many of citizens of Dubai are suffering from bone health issues due to lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to bone formation as it helps our body absorb the calcium. Fortunately, the sources of this vitamin are quite abundant in nature, sunlight being the one of the sources of vitamin D.

These are top 7 tips to strengthen your bones. Personal training experts at fitness trainers LLC are not only professionally equipped to help you lose weight but also support your total well-being. So, get in touch with us and kick start your fitness journey now!

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