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Top 6 benefits of running

Top 6 benefits of running


| Health Fitness |

By Voja Budrovac


We all have known since childhood that running is super beneficial for our health. Just like walking, running is also a natural activity for us and all of us can run. Some of us loved to run since as a child while some of us just hid during physical activity class to avoid it. But as a grown up we realize the actual importance of fitness and learn the value of staying physically active to maintain our health.

While there are plenty of ways to stay fit, running is definitely one of the most famous fitness activities. We hear about multiple famous marathons happening all across the globe. More than 10 big marathon events take place in Dubai almost every year. So what makes running so special for us and what are the big benefits of running which makes it more special than working out at gym.

Health instructors at Fitness Trainers present you top 6 benefits of running.

1. Overall health

There are multiple researches showing importance of running in maintaining overall health. The most beautiful part of running is that it improves the health conditions of entire body and not only a specific body part.

2. Weight loss

Running is one of the best cardio exercises and helps reduce weight. Running improves the metabolism which helps us burn more calories during workout as well as after the workout.

3. Bone strength

Running helps us provide strength to our bones as it increases the bone mass. We often hear things like running might hurt the joints or injure the knees. However studies have proved that running doesn’t have any side effect and in-fact improves the bone health.

4. Reduces stress

Running is a complete workout which not only helps us stay physically fit but also improves our mental health. Running can help us reduce anxiety, stress and remove negative thoughts. So if we need to improve our focus on more positive things then let’s put on our shoes and go for a run. Also, running with a friend can be an additional bonus.

5. Preventive disease

We know that for women running actually helps reduce chances of breast cancer. Along with that, running improves the cardiovascular health and reduces the chances of heart diseases. So running can help us reduce the chances of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

6. Boost confidence

Running is the best exercise to improve the overall health and bring more confidence about ourselves. It helps fight stress and depression and makes us a much happier person. Also running is a great activity to freshen up your mind and to socialize with more people. Regular running helps us age much gracefully and gives us more confidence about our looks and fitness.

Running is probably the oldest form of exercise known to us and has helped many people cure several diseases and live a much healthier life. The best of all is that running is free of cost! We don’t need to join a gym or hire a trainer to help for this. So don’t just worry about your health, add running in your workout routine. To achieve your fitness goals much faster and the right way, get in touch with Fitness Trainers!

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