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Top 6 tips to stay fit in Dubai

Top 6 tips to stay fit in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac


Dubai is probably one of the most luxurious cities in the world. It provides you all the comfort and ease of life at just a simple click or maybe one block from your home . Given the situation, you can simply get caught up in the easy way of life and end up ruining your health and fitness level. In multiple years of personal training in Dubai, Voja Budrovac has come across multiple clients who suffered from poor health conditions. The reasons for these conditions vary from lack of workout to lack of proper nutrients.

So here are the top 6 recommendations from our fitness and health experts to keep you healthy, fit and in great shape while enjoying Dubai to the fullest.

1. Watch your nutrients

Irrespective of cooking your food at home or ordering food online, you can many times miss out on some nutrients in your daily diet. The best practice is to consult your personal trainer for the proper diet plans.

2. Regular physical activities

While life is indeed hectic in Dubai and work might take up most of your time, it is absolutely essential to make minimum 30 minutes every day for workout. If you are not fond of working out at Gym, then try other ways of fitness like sports, swimming, jogging etc.

3. Take supplements

Despite following a decently balanced diet, you might still miss out on some vitamins or fatty acids. Specially for vegetarian people, certain protein types are not easily present in their meal. With the help of your fitness guide, you can choose few good supplements for multivitamins, calcium, omega 3-6-9 etc.

4. Regular check-ups

In order to ensure a good health on longer run, it is essential to keep giving regular visits to your doctor. A yearly full body check-up is almost essential in current lifestyle we follow.

5. Get some sun too

We understand how scorching sun is an issue in Dubai but it is an irony that over 90% population in Dubai has Vitamin D deficiency. It is important to use sun screen while going out in sun, but you must ensure to absorb some sunlight every day. It is a better solution that having to take tablets for the same!

6. Hire personal trainer or join a fitness club

While it is good to workout on your own, it is very helpful to find a workout buddy. A personal trainer or a fitness activity group like yoga club, karate/boxing club or Zumba classes are not only a good way to keep in shape but also helps you socialize more and push harder.Dubai is an amazing place to realize your dreams and make it come true. While it offers so many exciting things to you, by following the above recommendations, you will be able to enjoy it while staying in best shape. So get started now and change your life!

Get in touch with fitness trainer Dubai and let us guide you to your dream fitness level in this dreamy city.

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