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How to get in shape post pregnancy?

How to get in shape post pregnancy?


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By Voja Budrovac


Pregnancy is one of the most crucial things for every women and it completely changes your life. Bringing a life to the world is a beautiful thing and it brings many changes in your body. That is why getting back to fitness post pregnancy is a very delicate matter. You need physical and mental support to either start or get back to your fitness routine.

At Fitness Trainers we have many clients who have successfully achieved their dream shape by working out with our personal trainers, post pregnancy. Our personal trainers’ advice the following key things to keep in mind while trying to start working out post pregnancy.

1. Green signal from your doctor

You must have patience and wait for your doctor’s approval before you can start working out again. Just feeling fine is not enough, to make sure you are completely fit to take care of yourself and your child, you must consult your gynecologist.

2. Contact your personal trainer

Once you have a clearance from your doctor, you can reach out to a personal trainer for guidance. Irrespective of being a beginner or advanced in fitness, having a personal training in initial days is really helpful.

3. Mental health

Regaining physical strength back is dependent on your mental strength too. Post pregnancy, you will have to start from a beginner level and have to take too much precautions while your exercise. It is essential to keep yourself mentally strong. A good personal trainer will keep you motivated and grounded at the same time, so that you recover efficiently.

4. Diet

To ensure good recovery and regain your strength, you must focus on your diet. You need to ensure you are taking enough protein, calcium, multivitamins etc to boost your body strength. Also don’t start with any diet plan before consulting your personal trainer or gynecologist.

5. Enjoy and be positive

Most important thing to keep in mind is to enjoy the most beautiful moments of your life. You must start your journey towards fitness but that shouldn’t take you away from the happiest moment you have right now. So, be patient with the slow and steady progress as well.

Our personal trainers understand your goals and are going to provide you 24-7 mental and physical guidance. Our experts will make sure you can enjoy your family time while leave your fitness gain on us. So call us now if you want to book a free trial session!

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