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Top 5 workouts for toned legs

Top 5 workouts for toned legs


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By Voja Budrovac

Toned legs

If you have been working on getting your legs in desired shape but struggling to achieve it, I would really recommend you to read this article. In this article I would highlight top 5 exercises that are recommended by best personal trainers in Dubai and you must include them in your training. The best aspect of these workouts is their effectiveness along with versatility. Personal trainer at Fitness Trainer LLC highlights that most of their fitness clients, men or women, fat or fit, they seek for fat loss from legs to get even better toned look.

So, realizing how important it is to all of fitness enthusiasts, following are the top 5 must do workouts to kill the stubborn fat. Please make sure to take medical clearance from your doctor in case you recently suffered from any injuries/illness or are pregnant. So, here we go.

1. Running – Sprinting

Running is one of a complete workout which helps tone your entire body and improve your cardiovascular health. I have always admired the perfectly toned leg muscles of athletes. So, if you want to lose fat from your legs, start running. Combine running in your weekly fitness routine. To see better and quicker results, create a combination of running and sprinting. We have seen almost all personal trainers make clients sprint in almost every session. It’s one of the most effective exercises to get toned legs.


High intensity interval training is an absolute winner when it comes to burn fat and calories and get faster results. By HIIT training, not only we improve our stamina but also tone our body. For toned legs, focus on HIIT circuits involving sprinting, jumping, weighted squats etc. If you are a beginner in HIIT, try getting a personal trainer so you learn right training without having the risk of getting injured.

3. Lunges

Lunges are one of the basic and highly recommended leg workouts. The ease and versatility of this exercise if the claim to fame for this. As a beginner you can start with static body weight lunges. As and when you build stronger leg muscles, you can push yourself by trying different types of lunges like- lateral lunges with weights, curtesy lunges, skating lunges etc.

4. Squats

Squats, like lunges, are one of the most popular leg workouts. To begin with squats, we must learn the right body form of this exercise. Make sure you follow your fitness instructor properly when you start, since if you do weighted squats with wrong posture, you can seriously injure yourself. Post acing the right body form, keep pushing your boundaries by performing challenging versions of squats like sumo squats, in and out squats, squats with resistance bands etc. Our personal trainers at Fitness Trainers highlight that using resistance bands or barbells are among most liked and effective techniques.

5. Deadlifts

Dead-lift is a great workout for legs as it gets most legs muscles working. Also, dead-lift helps with body posture while help burn more fat. Along with running, dead-lifts too are functional exercises and it helps us with increased real life lift. It helps with entire legs fat loss and muscle definition, and helps you get a stronger core. Probably that’s why your fitness trainer grills you with heavier dead-lifts.

So these are the top 5 workout recommendations for toned legs. If you perform them seriously at least 2 times a week with good diet, you will very soon see the impact. If you are into getting shape quickly and managing a healthy lifestyle, reach out for a free trial session to our certified personal trainers at Fitness Trainers.

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