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Top 5 facts about Squat

Top 5 facts about Squat


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By Voja Budrovac


Talking of squats most people think of it as a lower body exercise only as by outlook it appears to be a legs workout only. However, a proper squat works on a larger number of muscles and also helps you improve your body posture. Squats helps you achieve good health and good structure of your whole body and not only targets on your legs. 

Squats like Push-up has been widely famous workout among all fitness enthusiasts. There are plenty of reasons why squats is so important and helpful to everyone working out. Let’s look at some of the amazing facts about squats collected by personal training experts at Fitness Trainers Dubai.

1. Anytime, anywhere

Squats are body weight workout and require no equipment. You can just do a good stretch and do 3 sets of 10 squats in the morning to energize yourself for the day. Also when you hit the gym or start your workout of the day, you can chose any variation of squat to suit your needs. This workout provides great flexibility in terms of time and space.

2. Body posture

Squat seems like an easy to do workout but most people tend to have incorrect form. A proper instruction by your fitness guide is needed to understand the right body form for this exercise. While doing squats ensure the right positioning of legs, tightened core and straight back. While you perform squats ensure a correct form throughout for good impact. You’ll feel your body working much more when posture is right.

3. Versatile

It’s probably one of the most versatile workout of all. You can do a body weight as a beginner and can also add really heavy weights to it and make it a high intensity workout as well. Also with simple squat you work on your entire body structure and with slight variations you can add extra burn of target muscle group too. Some of the famous variations of squats are sumo squats, weights squats, pulse squats, goblet squats, barbell back squats and so many more.

4. Improves metabolic rates

We are aware that we need more muscle mass to burn more calories and rate of burning calories improves with increase in healthy muscle mass. Squats are great workout to burn calories while also developing more muscle. If you do squats with heavy barbell weights, you burn tremendous amount of calories and by practicing regularly you develop great muscles too. So eat healthy food and keep squatting.

5. Functional exercise

Squats are functional exercise which means it helps your entire body and also develops muscles which are regularly used in most daily activities. So by doing squats, you improve you improve your fitness level for daily and it also helps with getting a more athletic body.

So the benefits of squats are numerous and also the flexibility of this workout is amazing. This makes squats to be one of the most widely performed exercise. A beginner or a wrestler, everyone needs to do squats to get the desired body shape as well as fitness level.

Let us know if this helps and if you want to begin your personal transformation journey then connect with us for free trial session right away!

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