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How to prepare for Dubai Fitness Challenge

How to prepare for Dubai Fitness Challenge


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By Voja Budrovac


Dubai Fitness Challenge is an amazing month-long initiative which is created to help people lead healthier life. For these 30 days various types of fitness events are organized across Dubai and most of them are free for everyone to attend. There is something for almost every age group and special parks build for the event. This year fitness month will start from 18 th October, till 16 th November 2019.

So, if you are excited about the event but aren’t a fitness buff, don’t worry about it. The objective of this event is to motivate everyone to incorporate some workout in daily routine. Event is beautifully designed and ensures that you’ll find one activity or another for your liking. Voja Budrovac is a personal trainer with 13+ years of experience and owns Fitness Trainers LLC. He gave few tips which can help you get the maximum out of this wonderful event.

Be regular

First and most important thing about this event is to be consistent. Make sure you are keeping yourself physically active every day. Explore the event schedule at your nearest location and select at least one activity per day.

Be an explorer

You might have tried going to gym every day and failed multiple times. Or maybe you wanted to go for a daily run but couldn’t cope up with that. It is very natural case for most of us. This event is a good platform to solve this problem by learning various kinds of workout routines and also learn from various trainers. This helps you grow your knowledge and even after the event is over you can keep your exercises more engaging by mixing it up.

Healthy diet

Only way you can feel energized enough to participate every day is by eating a well balanced diet. If you want to get maximum result from this event then say goodbye to fried food and sugar. Focus on getting enough protein, good fat and your multivitamins. If you are doing advanced workouts then make sure you take proper supplements too.

Build connections

This is probably one of the best platforms to meet workout buddies. You can find the best personal trainer post assessing the free sessions. Or you can find someone to workout with. It’s a great way to add fitness enthusiasts in your circle. This will help you feel motivated at all times to stay fit and healthy.

Have fun

Lastly the most important thing is to have fun and have a great time working out. The beautiful outdoor setup, health food trucks, group training sessions are a treat to witness at night. So even if fitness hasn’t been your thing, this joyful event might be right what you need.

So, we hope you will pledge to eat healthy and workout daily for these 30 days. Join our best personal trainer at Fitness Trainers LLC and make the most out of this wonderful initiative.

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