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How to choose the best workout clothes

How to choose the best workout clothes


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By Voja Budrovac

Are you looking for the best workout clothes that will make your workout more comfortable? You’ve come to the right place! The best fitness trainer online will help you choose the workout clothes that suit your body, as well as the environment that you’re working out in. You should be focused on crushing your goals and getting new records under the belt! The last thing that you want is to be distracted. Unfortunately, a big part of the fitness industry focuses only on looks, and not on practicality. If you’re amongst people who want to get most of their workouts, investing time in finding the best workout clothes for yourself is a must!

What’s the best workout clothes depending on the place where you work out?

Take into account the place where you intend to work out. Not every type of clothing works well for each environment. If you plan on working out in a park or running on a trail, consider getting waterproof sneakers and leggings. There’s a different type of clothing that’s required for an acro yoga class, and a 12 week body transformation Dubai. If you dress in shorts, your legs may get scratches from the bushes, or bites from the bugs that might be present. Temperature is another variable that affects the perception of the best workout clothes, since the material that your clothes are made of greatly impacts the way you’ll feel while you work out. If you workout outdoors in the sun, avoid wearing black clothes since it’s the color that absorbs most. All in all, outdoor sports require the type of clothes that will cover as much of your body surface. On other hand, if you’re working out in a regular gym, then you’ll need a top or a t-shirt, and the bottom part can be whatever you prefer – leggings, shorts, tracksuit, etc. 

best workout clothes for beach
Best workout clothes are relative to the place where you usually do your workouts!

Pay attention to the material

Cotton is usually a go-to material of girls when it comes to undergarments. It’s usually a good choice of material for some light gym sessions, and if you’re not doing cardio. If you are committed to working out hard and following a quality workout program, you’ll be sweating a lot. When you do activities where you’re sweating, cotton will soak up all of the sweat and become very uncomfortable. The upside to cotton is that it doesn’t smell after the workout like some synthetic clothes might. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, and you’re sure you’ll sweat a lot, turn to wick fabrics. The sweat will get into the fabric, and of your body, but it won’t stay in it as it will with cotton. It will evaporate from the surface and keep your body temperature low. The downside of the synthetics is that it can smell, and if that bothers you, find an antimicrobial option. They might cost more, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

The shape of clothes matters!

For both men and women, what we thought was the best workout clothes, changed over time. That usually happened when we first purchased some of the items that we saw were popular. As some of you may have discovered, not everything that people claim is good necessarily works for you. The clothes that are usually very uncomfortable for people are shorts for men and a bra for women. Invest time in finding the right options! You want your clothes to fit you, but not feel like it’s restraining your movement, or like it might be a problem when you’re doing repetitive exercises. Get the clothes that support you, but it doesn’t cut into your body. That’s usually done, for example, when the leggings are deeper and have a wider belt, and it presses equally on all sides of your tummy, hips and lower back. It not only looks good, but it stays in place! 

woman working out
The clothes that match your body type won’t inflict pain!

Check out reviews in order to find the best workout clothes

If you’re checking out items online, definitely read reviews! 

To choose the best workout clothes online, do this:

  • Read reviews about a clothing piece on various websites
  • Check the material, size, size chart, and washing method
  • Try to find the photos of the item that aren’t taken by the company, so you can see how it fits on different body types 
  • Look for the clothes that’s made especially for your type of body 
  • Don’t compromise quality for quantity 

Moreover, pay attention to the way the reviews are written. Sometimes, the company will write its own reviews. If the writing style is similar, move on. All negative reviews on one website, but good ones on other, might mean that the competitors are trying to undermine the product. It’s best if you visit the store in person and try the item on, of course, but if that’s not an option, then the only solution is ordering from trusted websites and doing in-depth research. 

Try out clothes at the nearest store

Nothing beats the in-person experience. If you can’t go to the store right now, and the workout clothes aren’t a burning problem right now, it’s better if you wait. Invest the money in a quality piece of clothing that will be what you truly need. Prepare in advance, so when you visit the store, you know exactly what features you want. Ask the person who works there for help – they know all of their articles, and are willing to help. If there isn’t a store close to you, you can also get in touch with the store and ask them to recommend similar items – especially if the store sells multiple brands. They might recommend something that’s easier for you to find in your area. 

woman and a coach
Ask your coach, or people at your gym for advice!

Ask people at your local gym

In the end, go to the place where you usually workout, and simply ask people what they usually wear that’s comfortable. You can go to the gym, to the workout parks, to any place where people do and workout in a similar way as you do. Ask them for advice, and if that doesn’t help – you can always turn to the professionals for advice. Getting a personal fitness trainer can also help you in various fields. You’ll have someone to guide you with everything – from what to wear, to what exercises to do! Start your body transformation today!

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