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Best warm-up exercises

Best warm-up exercises


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By Voja Budrovac

Exercising is essential to keep yourself healthy. This simple truth forgets to mention one thing which is warming up before you engage in an activity. The root of the problem is that younger people often fail to see the importance of warming up, and it stays with them until their later years. But, as every private fitness trainer Dubai can tell you, properly warming up is key to any workout. There are numerous routines that you have available, from stretching to side lunges. In this article, we will be sharing the list of our best warm-up exercises which will enhance your daily routine!

The best warm-up exercises before work out

Without any further ado, here’s the list:

  • Start with stretching
  • Triceps warmup
  • Jogging leg lifts
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Pushups
  • Side lunges

Do note that these are just some of the warmup exercises that you can employ. There are many others, but these form a solid base for every workout. If you want to learn about personalized warm-up methods, the best thing you can do is hire a personal fitness coach. They will be able to tailor the routine to your specific body and inclination. Furthermore, these professionals will optimize your regular workout, providing you with fantastic results in a fraction of time!

Start with stretching

But let’s start with the regular exercises, that are good for literally everyone. Stretches are essential to keeping your body in top form, and you should be doing them both before and after the workout. Static stretching, for example, is most effective after you finish your regular routine. It utilizes stretches that you hold for a period of time, helping you loosen and lengthen your connective tissue and muscles. It is called static because you keep your body still. Stretching will help you prevent injuries when working out, so it is an essential part of the whole process. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, though, and try not to overdo it. Consult a professional if necessary.

woman stretching, preparing for the work out
Every good workout starts with a bit of stretching.

Triceps warmup

Moving on, another great exercise is to warm-up your triceps. This will both loosen and warm them up at the same time. The exercise is quite simple. You will need to extend your arms to the sides, keeping them parallel to the floor, with your palms faced down. After that, you will rotate the arms in backward circles, keeping them straight the whole time. After around 30 seconds, do the same just with forward circles. Another 30s after, turn the palms facing forward and go back and forth with your arms. Lastly, after yet another 30 seconds have passed, you will repeat the previous, pulsing, movement but this time up and down. Do anywhere between one to three sets and your triceps will be ready for the workout.

Jogging leg lifts

A great way to improve your body’s circulation and really get your heart pumping (but in a safe way), is by doing “Jogging leg lifts”. This exercise including jogging back and forth, or even in place. Each segment will last anywhere between 30 seconds and one minute. If you are finding this to be too hard, feel free to slow to a walking pace. You want to be building immunity through exercise slowly but surely. There’s no need to rush anything. All you will need to do is start jogging at a slow pace and after a minute or so, continue doing so but with your knees being lifted toward your chest. Alternatively, you can kick your feet upward towards the gluteus (ze butt). You will repeat this motion for around 30 seconds but feel free to shorten it if necessary. This can be quite a strenuous exercise, after all.


Squats are universally regarded as one of the most versatile exercises available to you. They target numerous lower body muscles, which include glutes, hamstrings, and quads. You don’t even need to do full squats from the get-go, as going halfway is enough to get you started. However, it is advisable to increase the difficulty for final repetitions, at least. Doing squats is really simple, but there are a few ground rules. You will want to have your feet around hip-width apart and your toes need to be facing forward or slightly to the side. Your back needs to be straight at all times, as well. Stop lowering the hips when your thighs are parallel to the floor and that’s about it.

male work out, squats
Squats are one of the best universal workouts.

One of the best warm-up exercises – Planks

The plank is a great warmup that builds back strength while improving your posture and balance. There are several variations such as the side plank and the forearm plank but you don’t need to concern yourself with those to start with. After you’re comfortable with the regular plank, you can explore other options. The way you do a plank is by first getting into a pushup position. Feel free to do it on your knees, to begin with. Your palms and toes will be firmly planted, and your back straight. Keep the muscles tight and your back straight and never let either your head or the back sag downwards. Holding this position for around 30s to 1m is a great way to warm up before your regular routine.


And speaking of a pushup position, good ol’ pushups are still one of the best warmups you can do. Don’t be afraid to do them on your knees if you are just starting out! They are a great way to get into shape fast, as they work the entire upper body, as well as your glutes. When doing a pushup, you need to make sure that your shoulders are positioned above your hands. Keep your back flat and the feet behind you. Finally, pull in your abs. The important thing with this exercise is to never let your back or your torso sag at any moment. Also, keep your elbows slightly bent, as they may be prone to hyperextension.

person doing pushups
The classic exercise – pushups

Side lunges

The last, but definitely not the least, of our recommended exercises is the side lunge. This is a warmup that strengthens your hips, legs, and glutes. You can modify it to suit your current workout level by going only halfway down. To start with, stand with your feet around hip-width apart. After that lean onto your right foot as you step the left foot over to the left side. Then squat down, keeping the left leg bent and the right straight. Pause for a moment when your left knee is over your toes. Finally, return the left foot to its initial position. Then repeat the same process just on the opposite side, with the right foot.

Why is it important to do warm-up exercises before work out?

The importance of proper warm-up exercises cannot be understated. They will provide your body with the activity required to get into optimal shape for your actual workout. It will reduce the chance of injuries while boosting your performance at the same time. You don’t need to go gung-ho on them, of course, but they need to be somewhat challenging for maximum effect. That being said, you should really consider hiring a personal coach if you are just starting out. Everyone is different, after all, and will benefit from a personalized approach.

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