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Workout routine for stress relief

Workout routine for stress relief


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By Voja Budrovac

Coming up with one universal workout routine for stress relief is very hard. Different people have different wants and needs when it comes to de-stressing. That’s why there’s no one answer when it comes to stress relief routines. On top of that, some people like to work out with certified instructors companies like Fitness Trainer Dubai provide, while others prefer working out on their own. That’s why when we say “routine” in this article we mean more like weekly routine, as in things and activities you should incorporate on weekly basis to stay stress-free, and not a single routine. Stress is very complex and it usually can’t be overcome with one 1 hour workout session. That’s why you should have a steady weekly routine of habits, workouts, and activities that keep stress at bay.

There’s no room for stress where there’s healthy living

Being active is not enough to get rid of stress. Working out is usually not that effective as a stress relief if everything else in your life is a mess. For example, if you sleep 4 hours a night, have 3 cups of coffee a day, eat irregularly, and then eat unbalanced meals, there’s no way working out will be enough to make you feel calm and good. That’s why all professional fitness trainers in Dubai suggest changing your lifestyle aside from incorporating quality stress-relieving workouts into your day-to-day life.

A woman eating healthy food and smiling.
A healthy lifestyle is very important for being calm and grounded!

All this might sound scary. However, living healthily is not that hard once you get used to it. And is quite a small price to pay compared to what you’d have to deal with otherwise. Just remember, change takes time. Pushing yourself and wanting too much from yourself can only lead to frustration and giving up. Start slowly, but your goal should be to work up to:

  • Starting your day with a glass of water and drinking at least 2l of water each day.
  • Cutting down on caffeine and sugary drinks.
  • Eating regularly throughout the day.
  • Following one of the safe and healthy diet plans Dubai residents love and recommend.
  • Sleeping at least 7h a night.
  • Getting enough fresh air and sunlight each day.

Of course, these are just the very basics. It’s also very important to incorporate quality workout routines for stress relief into your daily routine. But don’t feel pressured and take your time. Every small change and improvement is valuable.

There are plenty of workout routines for stress relief that could be perfect for you!

For many people working out can be stressful. “What are people at the gym going to think of me?” or “I’m so out of shape. Will I even be able to handle working out at all?” are just some of the questions people ask themselves. Luckily, working out doesn’t have to be stressful! There are plenty of options out there for people of all sorts. Scared of going to the gym? Well, it’s possible to find a private trainer in Dubai. Thinking everything would be too hard for you? Well, there are all sorts of easy yet effective workout routines for stress management. Get rid of excuses and get to working out.

Balance is the only thing that’s set in stone when it comes to exercise routines for stress relief

As mentioned before, there’s no one routine for stress relief and you don’t have to do what other people do. The only thing you should make sure to have in your routine is balance! It’s very important to incorporate both explosive activities that will get you going as well as calming activities that will bring you back down into your routine. The perfect balance of two is what makes a perfect routine for stress relief.

A man stretching.
A good workout routine for stress relief should include a bit of everything!

A solid exercise routine for stress management should have you sweating

When it comes to vigorous training, you should limit yourself if you’re overly stressed or anxious. Exercising can raise cortisol levels and who wants even more cortisol when stressed. That’s why you should aim for 3 times a week max! Also, make sure not to overly push yourself. Listen to your body and do what it says. But it’s just as important to choose an activity you enjoy. Some activities are particularly good for stress relief while still being quite demanding. These include:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Boxing
  • Weight lifting

The list, however, doesn’t end there. There are many more great activities for stress relief. You can even try combining them to create a weekly routine that’s perfect for you!

There’s no stress relief without calming workouts either

There are some workouts that are very calming. These exercises are perhaps the best option for immediate stress relief. However, these workouts are not as many as vigorous, lively exercises. Yoga and tai chi are the most notable ones within the groups. Aside from being very calming as well as strengthening, there are also plenty of health benefits of yoga as well as tai chi!

Exercises like this don’t really provoke cortisol spikes. On the contrary, they calm the nervous system in the best way possible. That’s why they’re safe to practice whenever you want or feel like it. As if there can ever be enough “calm” in the 21t century. Especially for us western folk who are constantly multitasking and running places. That’s why you should try to incorporate exercises like this into your routine at least 2-4 times a week. But just doing a quick 15-minute yoga routine daily, consisting of a few select poses, can be beneficial and very calming.

A woman doing yoga.
Yoga is a great way to de-stress!

Create your own perfect workout routine for stress relief

Stress is a real problem many people struggle with. There are many routines you can find on the internet that promise to rid you of stress quickly. However, nothing is ever as effective as creating your own personalized workout routine for stress relief. You’re like nobody else which means your body and mind are unique. That’s why you should make a routine out of activities you, and you alone, love and enjoy. Just doing what you love is very relaxing in itself.

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