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5 ways to maintain a weight loss

5 ways to maintain a weight loss


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By Voja Budrovac

If you’ve ever struggled with extra pounds, you surely know how frustrating it could be. When you decide to lose weight, you have to prepare for continuous hard work. For mental and physical support, it’s good to have a well-educated and experienced person by your side. For a fast and great result, fitness instructor Dubai is all you need. The best fitness instructors are ready to help you achieve or even maintain a weight loss.

a person standing on a scale
With a good personal trainer, maintaining a weight loss is much easier.

When you eventually succeed in losing weight, you feel overwhelmed with happiness and proud of yourself. The next step is to stay in a good shape and maintain your weight. You have to stick to some important rules in order not to regain your pounds. Read the following strategies and apply them to be sure you don’t put on weight.

Work out regularly

So, move your body and do it regularly! Regular workouts play a key role in both losing and maintaining weight. One of the possibilities is to visit a gym, but if you want to you can do many outdoor activities to stay fit. You can go running in a park or by the river. If you like dancing, you can attend Zumba classes. You can invite friends for a bike ride. Or even walking your dog can help you keep your pounds off. It’s up to you.

With a proper amount of exercise, you can easily maintain your weight loss.

Regular physical activity burns calories you consume and can speed up your metabolism. When you work out you’re more likely to achieve energy balance. To be in an energy balance, you have to burn as many calories as you consume. When this is achieved, your weight will stay the same. Regular physical activity is the most sustainable way to maintain your pounds when properly combined with a healthy lifestyle like a healthy diet and good sleep.

Hitting a gym is a very good way to stay motivated to maintain weight loss. A gym atmosphere can give you a good amount of motivation to keep pushing. Lifting weights burn a lot of calories and has many health benefits. Several studies have shown that those who lift weights after losing weight are more likely to keep those fatty pounds off. Also, keep in mind that approximately one hour of exercising daily is optimal for everyone who wants to stay in shape.

Pay attention to what you eat

Eating a healthy diet is a necessity. What you eat directly impacts how much you put on weight. First of all, you must never skip your breakfast in the morning. Having a quality breakfast boosts your metabolism and makes you more energetic during the day. Those who skip a morning meal can experience severe hunger later in the day and can gulp a lot more food than they actually need. More food means more calories ingested which can lead to gaining fat.

Secondly, you have to eat well-balanced meals. Every meal should contain all macro-nutrients. Even though there are beliefs that carbs and fats are not good for you, you don’t need to be scared of any of them. They are all essential for your health. Also, you don’t have to worry about food combinations. Our body is one smart machine that can process any food combination. Your meal needs to contain primarily unprocessed types of food. So, let’s explain it a little bit further in the following when you eat:

  •  carbohydrates, choose sweet potato over fries and whole grains over refined bread;
  • proteins, choose lean meats/legumes over-processed red meat
  • fats, choose unprocessed fats like avocados, nuts, and seeds over-processed calorie-dense oils

Track your calories

Mathematics is simple here. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. And you can conclude on your own? You maintain weight if you eat the same number of calories as the number of calories that you burn.

a fork and a measurment meter
Count your calories to know how much you can eat to stay fit.

It’s crucial to track your calories. It’s not important to track every single calorie you eat. That could be exhausting, especially if you eat out regularly. But to be able to stay in an energy balance, tracking is a must. When you track your calories, you can know how many calories are left to be eaten. This way you’ll maintain weight loss much easier.

For example, if you need to eat 2.000 kcal to maintain your weight, tracking calories will help you do so. If you skip tracking, you can easily overconsume reaching 3.000 or even 4.000 kcal in the day. That’s something you don’t want to happen. If you are too lazy to write down the calories you eat, you can use an app on your phone. There are numerous apps called calories tracker/food calculator you can install to track your daily calories. So, don’t hesitate, give it a try.

Sleep enough

Good sleep is as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sleep deprivation has negative effects on weight maintenance.  Inadequate sleep can cause a higher level of ghrelin – a hunger hormone. Ghrelin directly increases appetite. You’ll feel hungry all the time despite eating a well-balanced meal if the ghrelin level is high.

Furthermore, without enough sleep, you’ll be tired and sleepy all day. As a result, you may want to skip your workout session at the gym. Also, you may opt for some fast-food meal as you are tired and not in the mood for preparing some quality meal.

Hire a good personal trainer

With someone supportive you can trust, keeping those pounds at bay is much easier. A personal trainer is not just there to demonstrate how a particular exercise should be done, he is there to show support and compassion as well. If you have any struggles with maintaining a weight loss, gym personal trainer Dubai is here to help you. You need to have someone who will help you overcome your setbacks. When you feel demotivated and don’t see any progress, contact a good fitness instructor to get back on track.

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