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How to prevent holiday weight gain

How to prevent holiday weight gain


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By Voja Budrovac

Holidays are here and that lifts so many emotions. The spectrum of them is so great. There is joy, family time, excitement and often even some sadness for those who we won’t see this year. The overall experience is abundance – in all those feelings, for sure. But it goes even further because gifts are included and also the table is full of all kinds of ours favorite meals. Having all that in mind, it is expected to ask yourself: how to prevent holiday weight gain? If you are located in Dubai, we must give you the advice to ask this question some personal fitness trainer Dubai has to offer.

Let’s be honest

The truth is that many of us go into the holiday season already overweighted. And then, we just add more. Some of us even tried to be active, or go to a gym for a few months. If we don’t get the results we wanted, we often find a number of reasons to skip one training. That often leads to another skip, another pronunciation of something that looks more appealing to us at that moment. But if you want to do it differently this year, to prevent holiday weight gain, we have a great idea. You can hire an online coach for weight loss. That way, you won’t even have to go out of the comfort of your home. And you will start this season in a good way.

a man using exercise ball
You can hire an online coach.

How to prevent holiday weight loss

The holiday season is so busy period of the year. Many people have more work to do than usual. And we have to buy all those gifts, decorate and make some plans. So this reason seems true enough for people to delay starting a new fitness program. You have to be honest with yourself. Is this all really true or you are just looking for reasons to postpone it all? For those who are willing, there are ways to work out on a busy schedule.

Be active with your friends and family

Since holidays are that time of the year when we all tend to spend more time with those who we love the most, you can use this to prevent holiday weight gain. Get active together. Do this year something different and great for yourselves. One of the tips for better workout motivation is to have a countability buddy. You will count on each other to get active and call out the other one if miss training. You will have fun, spend time together and do something great for your body.

Keep your meals balanced if you want to prevent holiday weight loss

Oh, all that holiday food. Tastes we carry from childhood as something cozy that calls that sense of love and security in us. We all need time to relax but no one says you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite food. Your holidays will be even better if you take some care of the size of the portions. You can have it all, but maybe not all at once. Divide your favorite food into a few different meals. Take less and you will be able to feel full and still prevent holiday weight loss.

holiday table set - prevent holiday weight loss
Keep your meals balanced if you want to prevent holiday weight loss.

Snack smartly to prevent holiday weight loss

During the holiday season, you should stay awake when it comes to snacking. The food itself has many calories itself, so think twice: do you really need that snack? Also, we have to mention drinks. We get looser with drinks during the holidays, and all those hot chocolates and eggnogs also have a great portion of sugar. If you decided to stay as healthy as possible, you should skip some of this.

Get enough sleep

Yes, we know that you have much on your plate, figuratively and literally. But having enough sleep is really important. You may be even aware of this, but when you are excited, your body asks for some energy source. If you don’t give yourself enough rest, you will have a need to eat more than you actually need. And you will notice that what you crave are often sugars because they give you that sugar rush. And we all know by now that after the sugar rush we often feel even worse, more tired, and again hungry. Sugars aren’t qualified to get us full, their effect is momentary. It passes quickly and leaves us down.

pug sleeping in bed
It is important to get enough sleep.

Keep level of stress as low as you can to prevent holiday weight loss

Holiday demands are often so stressful. People who are stressed have in common high levels of cortisol. This hormone is released as a response to stress. If you have high cortisol levels chronically, it may be a cause of weight gain. And for sure will ask for a greater food intake. That will result in using junk food more often. So it is so important to keep stress levels in control in general, but especially during the holiday season.

There are so many techniques to reduce stress and you should learn at least a few of them. There are easy ways to help yourself and have them in mind at all times. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to use them. Some of them are appropriate to use whenever you are, in the office, in public transportation, or during the move.

Make this holiday season different

We really do hope that we gave you some ideas on how to prevent holiday weight loss. Make this year different by starting your resolution for the holidays. Being active can be fun and not that hard. Just find the activity you really enjoy. And still, there will be some days when you just don’t feel like working out. When those days come, and they will keep your eyes on the result you want. How do you want to feel? And also, being fit will build your character and overall picture of yourself like nothing other. You will have more confidence and trust in yourself. You can do everything, so don’t stay on your path of success and the life you’ve always wanted.


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