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5 tips on sticking to your diet plan

5 tips on sticking to your diet plan


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By Voja Budrovac

With the new year already started, everybody is trying to start with their resolutions in time. For most people, it’s some major lifestyle changes, like waking up early and exercising, learning more about topics of interest, etc. However, planning and making a resolution and a lifestyle change are much easier than actually doing it. You will have to change your routines and for instance, find a good fitness instructor Dubai, an all that takes time. We know that breaking bad habits is really difficult. Therefore, make sure you read these 5 tips on sticking to your diet plan.

Be realistic when making your diet plan

There are a lot of reasons why people are changing their diet. Most of them are for health, and some are for weight loss or ethical reasons. No matter the motivation, it is important to have your goal set firmly in your mind. However, do not make any drastic changes to your current diet. Or try to follow some strict diets just because someone said it worked for them. This will for sure make you not stick to your diet plan, as the studies show people are more likely to give up if they try and make drastic changes all of a sudden.

A blue ceramic plate with little plastic letters saying "meal plan"
Try to adjust your diet plan as much as you can to our preferences.

Unless for some serious medical reason that demands that you stop eating a certain food, start slow. Modify your meals little by little. Find healthy food you like and start bringing it into your meals more often. This way you will find out what works for you and what is not. If you have a special diet prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist, ask them about alternatives to certain meals if there is something you don’t like.

And finally, once you create the meal plan you like, sticking to your diet plan will be much easier. Also, make sure you avoid common diet mistakes to avoid breaking your plan.

Get social support for sticking to your diet plan

Studies have shown that people who share their plans and progress will end up sticking to their diet plan more likely. When you share your plan and progress, you kind of have that extra layer of accountability to help you keep motivated.

A laptop and a sign saying "You got this" on a desk by a window.
Getting the right support is very beneficial to sticking to your diet plan.
  • Make a pact with your bestie or partner to stick to your diet plans. You will keep each other motivated and update the other one regularly.
  • You can also find support groups online where you could share your progress and also motivate others to keep their plan and cheer them on.
  • Your personal trainer can also be your main support. They will sincerely look forward and cheer on every progress you make, and help you make further progress. Therefore start looking for a gym personal trainer Dubai and start your change.

Support is really important in all aspects of life, especially in ones that give you trouble.

Reward yourself

We all know from early childhood how the reward system is important. The same applies here. Even though you will be rewarding yourself, over time you will train yourself to be happy about sticking to your diet plan. All because some reward will come afterward.

These rewards can be running a long hot bubble bath at the end of a successful week of sticking to your diet plan. Or a nice relaxing day at the spa. You can treat yourself and buy something or allow yourself to sleep in on the weekends. For daily success, you can have a diet diary where you can put on a little motivational sticker.

Forgive yourself when not sticking to your diet plan

Depending on the type of diet plan you are trying to stick to, there will be some hard days where you are bound to break the plan. And that is totally okay and normal. Everybody broke their diet plan sometimes, so do not be hard on yourself.

There can be birthdays, fancy dinner parties, or other celebration occasions where it will be almost impossible not to break your diet. Even if you are feeling blue or stressed out and just got some fast food or treat, there is no use in making yourself feel worse. Everyone has slipups, and the most important thing is to get back to your routine the next day. Of course, you shouldn’t make a habit out of this, and break your diet often,

Focus on process goals

It’s good to have overall big life plans to work toward them, but if you have trouble sticking to your diet plan, it is smarter to start small. Avoid trying to have “eating healthy” or “lose weight” as your goal to constantly look up to. Have that as an overall goal and change you want to make.

A woman in a yellow shirt checking her meal plan list.
Having a written or printed-out diet checklist can help you get a sense of achievement once you cross something off that list.

In order to stick to your diet plan, try to make smaller goals or milestones on a weekly or even daily basis. For instance, 5 days without sugar and then update to 10 days, 15 days, and so on. It will be easier to accomplish, and without realizing you are following your meal plan.  You can also combine your diet plan with your workout routine, and make shared milestones. Just make sure you balance your exercise and diet and not overstretch yourself.

In conclusion, sticking to your diet plan will definitely pay off, and you have to keep that in mind. Even though it can get hard at times, it is important to stay motivated in the way that works best for you. And don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up from time to time. It can happen to anyone, and it’s completely normal. Take baby steps, and work your way up. And if unsure, you can always check out ways to stay motivated in order to keep your plan.


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