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Benefits and downsides of cardio exercise

Benefits and downsides of cardio exercise


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By Voja Budrovac

Congratulations! The decision to start going to a gym is fantastic. Before that, you should inform well about all kinds of exercises. Depending on your body type, your personal fitness trainer will choose the ones that suit you the most. But, cardio is an indispensable part of every workout. It includes walking, running, cycling, or jumping ropes. Of course, if you want, you can combine these activities. The best option for you would be to type and search for a fitness trainer near me in order to get the best pieces of information. So, let’s explore this topic, and find out about the benefits and downsides of cardio exercise.

It improves heart function

One of the most well-known advantages of this kind of training is its beneficial effect on heart health. During exercise, the heart reaches 60 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate. Cardio can assist people with cardiovascular disease strengthen their hearts and recovering faster. It can also aid in the improvement of metabolic functioning. Except enhancing listed stuff, cardio is also beneficial for:

  • Lowering the blood pressure
  • Reducing the risk for diabetes
  • Increasing the oxygen flow through the body
  • Expanding the capacity of your lungs
  • Strengthening the bones

Keep in mind that your certified fitness trainer will explain everything about this in more detail. Plus, they will encourage and motivate you.

The loss of weight

If you’re attempting to reduce weight, you’re well aware of the situation. You must exercise and have a healthy diet. To get the most out of your training time, you should combine both cardio and strength training. Weight loss happens when you establish a calorie deficit which means you burn more calories than you consume. While some individuals choose to lose weight only by eating less, you should mix cardio exercise, strength training, and a low-calorie diet. Although there are a lot of body transformation Dubai possibilities, one thing is certain – you will have to be disciplined and very patient.

The loss of weight
When talking about the benefits and downsides of cardio exercise, one of the biggest pros is the loss of weight.

Better sleep quality and more energy

This is very important in everyone’s life. Sleep is extremely vital for mental and emotional well-being. Regular exercise might enhance your sleep quality and shorten the time it takes you to fall asleep. Workout can also aid in the prevention of sleep problems. Even one short session can contribute to achieving this. Both an evening and a morning cardio regimen can help you get a good night’s sleep, but the amount of time you sleep is unrelated to the time you exercise. If you have no trouble falling asleep but frequently wake up during the night, a nighttime routine may be preferable.

A woman sleeping in her bed
Doing cardio regularly will help you to maintain good quality sleep.

Cardio exercise will boost your mood

Wondering how to return to exercise after COVID-19 can be daunting. Because we suppose you are not in a good condition, we suggest taking it slowly. Although there are a lot of benefits and downsides of cardio exercise, one of the biggest advantages is that, after the workout, your mood will be much better. Endorphins are substances released by the body during your cardio. They work by interacting with pain receptors in the brain to lessen pain perception. Plus, they provide a pleasurable sensation in the body. This is also significant for lowering the feelings of depression and anxiety.

Injury prevention

One of the other benefits of cardio is the chance to prevent future injuries. If you are wondering how is that possible the answer is pretty much simple. Properly dosed cardio training strengthens joints and connective tissue. So, that enlarges their resistance to increased effort. Also, after some time, the endurance of muscles is getting much better. All this together means that the probability of the injuries is very reduced.

Overtraining is one of the cons of cardio exercise

Putting in many hours of exercise might leave you fatigued. It can be expressed both physically and psychologically. You will have to be very cautious when implementing an aggressive cardio cross-training program. Whether you’re preparing for an event or just trying to be in better shape, your body needs time to rest and heal. This will lower your chances of overtraining, which is your body’s way of urging you to take it easy. If you don’t slow down with such a strenuous pace of exercise, we are afraid that many complicated consequences may occur.

Physical injuries

This disadvantage is connected with the previous one. With overtraining, it can easily happen that specific physical injuries occur. Only one wrong step is enough. Knee injuries, sprained ankle, muscle sprain are only some of the possibilities. In order to avoid things like that, you will have to follow certain rules. Before you start doing your cardio, the most important to do is a good warm-up. It aids in the preparation of the body for exercise. Another option is to stretch yourself. You should do it both before and after a workout. This will contribute to the expansion of flexibility. Keep in mind that there is a still chance to keep fit while injured.

A man feeling pain in his ankle.
Be careful when doing cardio exercise because you can hurt yourself.

Impairment of general health

Yes, we have already mentioned that cardio exercise contributes to your health. And that is the truth. But, have you done your medical examinations? Are you sure you don’t have any diseases? If you do, and you don’t know it, beginning with workouts can be incredibly dangerous. This happens because you put a lot of pressure on your body. Especially if you have a problem with your heart, high-intensity cardio workouts can worsen the condition. You need to be aware of your health situation and based on that decide what is the right solution for you.

Conclusion for benefits and downsides of cardio exercise

When speaking about the benefits and downsides of cardio exercise, as you saw, there are a lot more pros than cons. The disadvantages shouldn’t worry you so much. Cardio is a great way to start making changes in your life. Plus, it will contribute to a lot of stuff and will improve the state of your mind and body.

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