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Best kids workouts in Dubai

Best kids workouts in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac

In many studies it was proved that a physical active child will be healthier than the kids who don’t workout. From the birth every child develops through increasing physical activities which strengthens his heart, muscles and bones. The activities helps to prevent weight gain, can decrease the risk of diabetes, cancer and other illnesses. 

Also it was proven that the kids workouts are beneficial for mental development. Just like adult feel better from exercise kids also feel the release of endorphins, making them happier. Following simple rules will prevent the child from many problems which are derived from modern city lifestyle. 

How kids workouts improve behaviour

The regular physical activity will boost children’s self-esteem, will improve their mood and improve the sleep issues if existed. It is more likely that the inactive child will grow in inactive adult, which emphasize the importance of healthy habits. Here is where our trainers can help your child to stay active and boost their natural curiosity for exercise. Our individual and group sessions with kids will help to result in many benefits such as:

-improving fitness level

-improving posture

-surge of concentration and improving school marks

-development of muscles and stronger bones

-elevation of self-esteem

-better sleep

kids playing
You can hire an online coach.

Kids workouts have to be fun

Children will be more prone to exercise if they enjoy it and workouts are build in a form of a game. Remember yourself when you were endlessly playing with your friends and can be outside of house almost all day. 

The individual preferences must be taken into consideration when choosing the most appropriate exercise whether its group plays, or individual workouts.


Kids workouts from 5 years old

The moderate intensity exercises which increase kids heartbeat enough so they will breath harder and begin to sweat within reasonable range. Our personal trainers can provide following kids workouts:

-boxing classes


-general fitness

-workouts to improve posture and balance

kids playing football

Children of the young age should stay away from long time spending in front of screens, take systematic breaks from studies and spend more time in open air exposed to daylight.

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