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How to target specific muscles while working out

How to target specific muscles while working out


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By Voja Budrovac

Each day, more and more people, especially young adults, decide that it’s time to start exercising. These are amazing decisions, but you first need to know how to do it properly. If you are working out without any plan, and not knowing how is proper to do a squat, for instance, then it’s pointless. You need to know how to target specific muscles while working out. You can’t do random exercises that pop into your mind while you are at the gym. This is exactly the reason why many people choose to find a personal fitness trainer Dubai has to offer. They are experienced after all. And licensed. No one will educate you and learn you how to work out better than them. You can, and you should inform yourself about working out in different ways, but their advice should be the one you listen to.

A girl doing a plank.
If you target specific muscles while working out, your body won’t be exhausted.

Why it’s important to target specific muscles while working out?

To better understand why it’s important to target muscles, you need to know what muscle targeting means. As the name says it already, it’s isolating and targeting a specific muscle group to make it stronger and more defined. This process improves muscular strength, and it can increase lean muscle mass and density. Also, it improves muscular endurance. Another interesting thing about targeting muscles is that it can raise your basal metabolic rate. This happens because your body is burning more calories per day. It can promote strong bones, and it is increasing strength and endurance. This means that you can perform common daily activities with much less effort. Your risk of osteoporosis will be reduced.

Why is this method more effective than a full-body workout each day?

If you didn’t discuss this with your online gym instructor, now it’s a perfect time that you learn this. When you target specific muscles while working out, that builds your muscle and strength more effectively than working all muscle groups in one session. When you are doing a full-body workout, for instance, five days in one week, it requires more rest and recovery. And, if you are focusing on one specific muscle group each day instead, you just need to rest that one specific group of muscles. You can actually train the next day a different muscle group and you won’t even need a rest day.

When you do a full-body workout, it requires a lot more energy. And this can easily and quickly lead to burning out. To avoid this, it’s very important that you have a plan. And another thing that can help out with this is if you know in advance which area of your body you want to focus on. For instance your abs, or thighs, or biceps. When you train your whole body at once, it will exhaust you every time. And the results are showing up slower than when you specify a group. It’s true that you will go less to the gym if you do the full-body, but there is no need to over force yourself.

Girls doing yoga.
From time to time you can do yoga for a better flexibility.

If you want to target specific muscles while working out, you need to make a good schedule for it

Before you get your membership for a gym, you should make a plan and schedule of your exercises. Once you start working out, you can consult with your trainer about the plan you already made, and do some corrections if needed. But firstly, you need to stop for a moment and think. What part of the body is the most important for you? What are your goals for the end result? You need to think about that, in addition, to know what you want to exercise, how much and when. When it comes to a weekly schedule, you can make something like this:

  • MondayArm day 
  • TuesdayLeg day
  • WednesdayBack day
  • ThursdayArm day
  • FridayLeg day
  • Weekendyou can rest or you choose what you want to work out

Of course, you need to do a warm-up before every workout. And it would be even better if you do cardio after your workout. For warming up, you don’t have to over force yourself. You can do it normally, about 15 minutes long, on low resistance. After that, your series should be about 10-15 minutes long for a specified muscle group. In the end, when you finish that, you are ready for 20 minutes, or at least 15 minutes of cardio.

Do you know what exercise is for what muscle group?

You probably knew this, but working out a specific muscle group is not the same as following your virtual personal trainer. It’s quite different. And there are specific exercises for each group. You can’t do just whatever exercise you can think of at the moment. So, to make sure you are doing a proper workout, next to the list of your weekly schedule, you can add which exercise to do on which day.

For the hamstrings, the exercises you should do are squats and deadlifts. Then, for the calves, you should jump rope and dumbbell jump squats. If you want to exercise your chest, you should do the bench press and dips. For the back, you should do deadlifts and pull-ups, or even chin-ups. When it comes to the shoulders, there is one exercise, and that is the overhead press. If triceps is what you want then do reverse grip, or close grip bench press and dips. Or, if you want to do the biceps, then do the close-grip pull-up and dumbbell curl. For the forearms, you should do wrist curls. And for trapezius deadlifts are the best. Mostly what people want to work out and what they are working out are the abs. For perfect abs, you should do sit-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

Sport clothes and equpiment on the floor.
Get a proper equipment and clothes, and you are ready!

Get yourself a proper equipment

It’s possible, but it’s not preferable to work out in the clothes you wear regularly. Instead, it’s better to have proper gym clothes and other equipment. The more you have, the better. Remember that you will be sweating a lot, and you need to change that clothes often. So before stepping into the gym, check out what clothes you can buy and come in fully prepared!

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