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Summertime workout routine: suggestions to take into consideration

Summertime workout routine: suggestions to take into consideration


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By Voja Budrovac

Summer is finally here, and it is time to get out of the gym and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Some might think that it is impossible to do a full-body workout without the proper equipment. However, that is far from the truth. Nothing is stopping you from taking your exercises outside. Start a summertime workout routine and have fun keeping your body in perfect shape. Whether it is a park, beach, or forest trail, all are perfect for doing what is necessary to stay fit all the while enjoying the warm weather. With the assistance of private fitness trainer Dubai you can keep your body in shape no matter the season. So here are a few exercise ideas for the summer that will help you stay healthy and strong.

Your summertime workout routine starts with swimming

There is nothing better for your body than swimming. Unfortunately, spending too much time in a pool means you are exposed to all the chemicals in the water. But now that the summer is here, it is a perfect moment to visit the beach and hit the waves. Not only it is more healthy for you, but there is also the added bonus of being exposed to the sun. After long days spent inside during the cold winter days, you have less vitamin D. Therefore, this year, your summertime workout routine should start with swimming in the sun. If you do not feel fully comfortable in the water, always go accompanied by a personal fitness coach. They will keep you motivated to conquer your fears and better your swim. For in the sea, you will have more challenges staying afloat than in the calm pool.

man swimming
Swimming in the sea is a perfect full-body exercise

Go to outdoor courts for summer exercises

When we are working out in the gym, we are moving the body in just one direction. Unfortunately, this means that we have to spend extra time there trying to exercise all the muscles. It is why a 12-week program is perfect for maintaining proper body mass. However, now that the summer is here, it is the right moment to exercise less but more efficiently. So go and hit the court sports. Activities like basketball, volleyball, and tennis are just what we need to achieve that 360 degrees of movement. They require you to run and quickly change direction and pivot. So instead of hitting the gym and individually exercise individual muscles, you will get a full-body workout. Also, your coordination, joint dexterity, and your overall stability will quickly improve.

Visit the park and for a bit of running and cycling

The treadmill does not even come close to the challenges that come from running on the ground. This summer is perfect for nature lovers to go to a park or a forest and explore some trails. So put on your favorite running shoes and head outside. What makes the ground perfect for exercising is that there are always inclines, uneven surfaces, temperature changes. Also, during the quarantine, you are perfectly safe by keeping your distance from people. Of course, if you are new to running, it is always to seek advice from an online personal trainer. However, if you missed a lot of exercises during the winter months, make sure you take it slow. Whether it is cycling or running if you go too fast and too hard, you might get injured. So the best approach is slow and steady.

man running on a road
Running outside can be a challenge, so make sure to incorporate it into your summer exercises

You have to include Boga in your summer training

If you love water and would love to incorporate another kind of exercise, besides swimming, then Boga is perfect for you. Another name for this sport is stand-up paddleboarding. If you are not familiar with it, the point is to use the paddle and move around while staying upright on the board. Of course, this is not only difficult to do, but you will need to spend some time falling until your balance improves. Additionally, it is an exceptional exercise for the upper body and core muscles. Also, it is a perfect activity to enjoy with friends and all the while enjoying the sunshine and water. However, do not forget that the water reflects the light, so always wear proper protection for your skin. Otherwise, you will quickly get burned.

Always stay well hydrated during physical training

The tricky part of exercising in summer is that you never really realize you are dehydrated until it is too late. Therefore always incorporate drinking water into your workout. It is especially important to stay hydrated if you are spending any amount of time in the sun. A human body is 65 percent water, and if it drops below that, you can seriously injure yourself. Of course, the results might not be instantaneous, but your kidneys, liver, and heart will work overtime to keep up with the strain. Additionally, if you feel a headache and general tiredness while exercising outside, you need electrolytes. Avoid replenishing them through sports drinks. Most of them are full of sugar. Instead, take the ones in the form of powder and mix them with water.

man drinking water
A summertime workout routine is important, but do not forget to keep your body healthy by staying hydrated

A summertime workout routine can be fun

It is important to keep up with the summertime workout routine and not give up after few days. If you have spent your winter indoors working at the computer, then it will take some time for your body to get back into shape. However, if there is some discomfort after you finish training, always treat your muscle pain on time. Do not wait too long because you will have to wait longer before you resume practice. Therefore always listen to your body. Also, do not put too much strain on it until it is ready and always stay hydrated. But most importantly it is summer so do not forget to have as much fun as possible. It will keep you motivated and craving for more.

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