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Top 5 skills to be a personal trainer

Top 5 skills to be a personal trainer


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By Voja Budrovac


Not every person with a good body can become a personal instructor, it’s not that simple. Dubai has grown cautious of fitness in past few years. Dubai hosts multiple fitness events throughout the year to create fitness awareness in everyone. The personal training industry has boomed over last few years, creating various training program options for everyone. With so many choices around and so many fitness enthusiasts entering in fitness industry, it’s crucial to be aware of key skills required to become a professional personal trainer.
Fitness Trainer Dubai has been providing personal training to numerous clients. Following are the top 5 skills needed in a personal trainer, as per Fitness Trainer Dubai.

1. Knowlege

Just having certification or a degree in fitness will not be sufficient while personal training’s. It is important to constantly upgrade your skill sets and keep learning about new developments in fitness industry. As a trainer you will have to deal with multiple kind of clients and provide training’s for different needs. So keep your workout and nutrition game up to the mark and constantly evolve. Spend time in developing new skills at all times.

2. Passion

Being a personal fitness coach would require tremendous hard work and you might constantly be running around for sessions. In order to succeed and enjoy your work, most important ingredient is passion. Only way your clients will listen to you or follow you, is if you are passionate and focused about your work and follow it yourself. As a personal guide, you not only need to be informed about fitness industry but also need to be passionate about helping

3. Friendly nature

Obviously people are looking for a trainer who has great fitness knowledge and is highly motivational. However, people continue to train with same fitness instructor for longer time once they find a workout buddy in their trainer. It is important to push your clients and be tough with them sometimes, but you should carry an approachable and friendly attitude with your clients. A friendly nature brings lot more positive in your clients as well as attracts more potential clients.

4. Management skills

Once you start your journey as a personal trainer, you will have to manage time and workout needs of multiple clients. If you are a quality trainer, Dubai can provide you overwhelming opportunities. It is important that you work on your organizational skills as well. To ensure all your clients are satisfied, you need to organize your week in advance and schedule timely sessions with each client. Also you need to plan sessions with each clients well in advance as to which workout and diet to recommend at each session. Managing your time well will also help you have more time for yourself to work upon enhancing your skill set.

5. Professionalism

We just spoke about how having friendly nature is needed to become a likable and successful trainer. But it must be kept in mind at all times to not to forget the professionalism at any point. Since clients tend to develop a friendly relation with their instructors, it can be a challenge to stay friendly yet professional with them. However, it is important to be disciplined and be respectful to the profession. So for your clients to benefit the most from you, you need to be a perfect mix of friendly and professional nature.

Job of a personal trainer is not only about financial aspects. As a fitness coach, you will be impacting lives of many people and will have the opportunity to help people achieve a healthier and better lifestyle. Trainers at Fitness Trainer Dubai are dedicated to help clients not only during the one hour session but be a full time guide to their clients to help them as much as feasible. Book a trail session now and see a wonderful team in action by yourself !

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