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Fitness Blogging in Dubai

Fitness Blogging in Dubai


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By Voja Budrovac


In today’s world creativity is really paying off. You can earn good money and create a good crowd around you without investing too much. Yes, we are talking about becoming a social media influencer. This is probably the hottest job right now which doesn’t even feel like a job. You must already be following several great influencers already from various fields. Of every field, Fitness and Nutrition takes the crown. Voja Budrovac, CEO and head personal trainer at Fitness Trainers, highlights how the industry has blossomed.

Now, if you are planning to become a fitness blogger in Dubai, you definitely have an advantage of brilliant and rich location. However, the process of becoming a blogger or social media influencer in Dubai is a little different. But, worry not here are the main things you need to know.

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Set up a blog or social media account

First step is to set up your account. It’s very important to have a very good idea about what your content is going to be about. Be specific, if you want to give tips for weight loss then maintain the theme for weight loss. If you are a personal trainer and want to inspire people, then maintain that theme. Given current boom in social media usage, make sure you create blog and social accounts too.

License requirements

As per latest UAE professional law, the social media influencers who make money from their posts, need to get license. It’s called as social media influencer license. If you make money by advertising and promoting products on your page, you do need the license. You can obtain this license by providing document and paying license fee to any free zone or mainland visa companies.Equipment

It is not very wise to invest a lot on equipment before you have established your blog or YouTube channel. Most of the bloggers or social media influencers have started their journey with an iPhone and iMovie maker. iPhone 11 provides great picture and video quality and now with the latest airpods, you don’t really need to buy a mic. Also, if you chose travel blogging or simply want fancier content, you can get a drone too. Though it has some permission issues in Dubai so be careful.


Lastly, let’s talk about the most important aspect of being an influencer. It’s about committing to your goal and showing 200% dedication to it. If you are a personal trainer in Dubai and want to gain social popularity, you have to provide best weight loss tips, muscle gain meal ideas and workouts. Unless you are breathing your dream, you can’t achieve it.

So ,we hope this article gives you enough motivation and direction to get started. Always remember to be responsible about the content you put. It’s the most important thing to not to get someone hurt due to wrong content. Now, if you want to become a fitness blogger, let our personal trainer help you achieve your goals. Click here to start your journey now!

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